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I am sooo excited to announce that I am challenging myself to start working out again! I haven’t announced this yet, but I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (I’ve been struggling for about 15 years with it and finally found a dr that would listen to me). Long story short is I am in pain (a huge flare that simply won’t stop) and have no energy. Those of you with fibro know that it is challenging to find anything to alleviate the pain. And it is just so exhausting. I’ve tried pain meds, muscle relaxers, acupuncture, physical therapy, and more. Nothing is working (well one product mentioned below is helping). I’m tired. I need to boost my system and do something to end the cycle of pain. I think this is going to help, I just need to do it! 

I just got the Country Heat workouts from Beachbody (um, how exciting is this!?!?), and bought their Shakeology products (they taste great and I think they’ll help a bunch with my energy). I originally tried
the 7 day sample pack and found that the flavors were pretty good. My favorites are the chocolate and the cafe latte. I’m really excited to try them long term and see how they help my energy. I know two other fibro sufferers that swear by them, so it’s worth a shot! And you can’t beat a workout that is done to country music in my opinion!

I would loooove some of you to join me. I need motivation, and that motivation partially comes in the form of people doing it with me so I have accountability! There is an easy way to get a great deal on both of these products, so I can chat with you about that if you are interested in joining me. Talk to me before you purchase so I can explain it all! Check out this amazing “challenge pack” deal where you can get the country heat workouts for only $10 when you purchase the shakeology 30 day supply! And don’t forget to message me for an even better discount!

If you are interested, please comment on my Facebook post or send me a message.

All I need is 1 person to agree to do this with me and I’ll be setting up a group to keep us motivated! We’ll do a workout each day, and drink a shake each day. That simple. We’ll post pictures and keep each other going! Whether your doing this to lose weight, get tone, or gain energy, we can help each other out! Oh and by the way… breastfeeding Mamas… I so wish I’d had found shakeology when I was breastfeeding. It would have been the best snack, while providing the nutrition and energy boost that we all need then!

By the way… any other fibro sufferers. I recently found this magnesium spray. I’d read so many fibro blogs and heard great things about a topical application of magnesium. It doesn’t take away all of my pain, but WOW it is helping! It is the only thing so far that has helped. It’s worth trying! It helps me sleep better and has taken the edge off of the pain for sure! Now I’m hoping that with the edge off, I can start working out, boost my energy with shakeology and get back to normal!

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