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Dear Caroline,

This was your 2nd Christmas, but kind of your first real Christmas. In 2014 you were just a month old and not even interested in the lights on the Christmas tree. This year, however, you loved them! We bought a real tree from the fire department down the road. We only hung the indestructible ornaments on the tree this year- and lots of lights (of course). 

Every morning, we’d come downstairs and you’d point to the tree. I’d set you down and turn the lights on. You’d walk up to the tree and look, occasionally touching an ornament. You never really pulled at anything and listened so well when we asked you to be gentle. 

This morning the tree was gone (12/28/15). We had to take it down because Nana Bella and Grrrrrandpa are visiting for New Years and we need the space. You pointed at where the tree used to be and looked confused. I told you we’d celebrate again next year and we played with some of your new things.

On Christmas Eve, it is a tradition in my family to have taco salad for dinner. We have carried on that tradition in our family as well. You are usually not a fan of taco salad, but on this night you tried it (yet again), and this time you asked for more. That’s my girl! You got to open a couple of presents on Christmas Eve as well. We told you to go pick out a present, and you did. You knew exactly what we meant!

Christmas morning rolled around, and it was no different of a day for you. You don’t know the concept of Christmas yet, and there is no extra excitement this year. Next year will be a different story. This year, however, you are just over a year old and every day is like Christmas for you!

We started the day by eating breakfast with Daddy. It is very rare that we get to wake up with Daddy at home! When we do, you are always excited! We then took the dogs and went to the golf course and let them run around. This is our 2nd annual golf course visit, and we plan to continue for a long time. The golf course is quiet on Christmas morning, and we can have the place to ourselves (for the most part). This Christmas was a beautiful day. So nice, that we could wear short sleeves! Last year you were all bundled up in a carrier against Mama. This year, you were walking down the path on your own. You were splashing in puddles, looking at the tee markers, and simply having a blast!

When we came home, it was time for your nap. You slept, and then woke to have Christmas snacks! We didn’t make much, since it is just the 3 of us, but we had some good things for you to try. You loved the cheese spread on Ritz crackers, and, of course, liked the pizza rolls.

Then it was time! Time to open presents! You helped rip the paper off, and then you were extremely excited to play with the paper and boxes! You really didn’t care much about what was in those boxes. 🙂

Now, a few days after Christmas, you have shown us that you love your presents. You flip through your new books, and you love your new flashcards! Your great auntie gave you some wooden animal toys that click together. You are enjoying figuring out how to pull them apart and click them back together. You are trying on your new clothes, and cuddling with your new lion that we named Lisa. You immediately gave her kisses when you opened the package!

One of your favorite things this year was going to see the Christmas lights at Seneca Park. When we got there, we got you out of the car seat and you sat up front on Mama’s lap. You were thrilled! You pointed at all of the lights, pointed at the moon, and touched all of the buttons in the front of the car. You had a blast.

We had such an amazing Christmas- just the 3 of us. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you next Christmas! You are going to be so excited for Santa to come!

Kisses for a lifetime.



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