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We hear the sound of keys in the door. I don’t have to say a word. Caroline yells “Daddy!” before he can even open the door, and gets the biggest smile on her face. Moose starts jumping and running towards the door. Often times, Caroline runs to the door as well. It is the best moment in our day- Daddy.

Daddy. He’s one of those Daddy’s that is truly amazing. I know, I know, everyone says this. But I am in awe of this man on a daily basis. 

He wakes before the sun in the early morning hours, when some are just laying their heads to rest. He works long, hard days- a minimum of 12 hours a day. He works every day. Weekends are not a part of our vocabulary. This man works 7 days a week, and still manages to get up every single morning around 3 am. It amazes me.

And it doesn’t stop there. He gets home from his 12+ hour day and makes time for us. His eyes are tired and he can hardly stay awake. I often tell him to go to bed. He stays with us, though. He plays with Caroline, helps do the dishes, and takes care of us. He even tries to insist on helping grocery shop. He stays awake to tell Caroline multiple bedtime stories, help brush her teeth and take her to the potty. He brushes her hair and holds her close. He soaks up all of the time he possibly can with
her, with us

It’s hard at times. We don’t get weekends together and as much time as we’d all like. Some days all I want is for him to take a day off so that he can sleep. Other days, the selfish me, wants him to take a day off and stay awake with us. Neither get to happen during his busy season. We keep plugging along- and he continues to amaze me. He never falters, never complains, never fails to make the time for everything.

Caroline was up a few nights ago and having a hard time getting to sleep. What did Daddy do? He held her. He sat in her room with her until she fell asleep. He comforted her and put her first. He made sure I knew not to come in. He wanted me to rest and took care of everything. He did what he’s best at- being a dad and a husband.

Caroline is going to grow up knowing a man that is thoughtful and selfless. She’s going to see a man that is loving and kind to all. A man that does everything for everyone else first. She’s going to see a man that is hardworking- oh so hardworking. She will see a man that is dedicated and has the best work ethic you could ever imagine. A man that is helpful and incredibly smart. She’s going to see a man that is strong. A man that would do anything for his family.

I am so incredibly proud to call him my husband. I am honored to get to see him shine as a dad. I strive to be a better mom every day because of him and how great he is. When he comes home and makes Caroline laugh, I make my goal the next day to make her laugh more and more. He is an inspiration to me every day.

Happy Father’s day to one of the greatest dads in the world. 

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