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Dear America- Stop Whining About 2016

Dear America - Stop Whining About 2016
Image from post at Her View From Home

I am so excited that I’ve been featured over at Her View From Home! This is my first post on their site. It was a post I wrote after seeing comment after comment on Facebook about how horrible 2016 was. Check it out and let me know what you think!

I have never seen so many people take to Facebook at the end of the year and start whining and complaining. “2016 Enough already!” “OMG I can’t take any more of this year!” “You think 2016 was bad, just wait until 2017 and the next 4 years.” “Oh my heart can’t take anything else this year,” and on and on and on.

What is everyone whining and complaining about, you ask? The plethora of celebrity deaths.  Add to this the half of Americans that are still whining about Donald Trump being our President Elect, and we’ve got a huge cry fest going on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad to read about the celebrity deaths and it is tragic for their families and friends. I also am not a fan of Donald Trump being the leader of our country, but you won’t find me whining about these things on Facebook. My heart isn’t crushed because of the celebrity deaths. My heart hurts for their families, but my family was not broken, so I know the true realities of my 2016 and am not pretending to have someone else’s heartache.

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