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Caroline just loved Easter!

On Saturday, we decided to dye Easter eggs with her. She had an absolute blast dipping, then dunking the eggs into the dye. She even used the tool and helped to lift them out of the dye! 

My family has a tradition of hiding the actual Easter basket somewhere in the house. As we got older, my dad got more and more creative and more challenging with his location of choice. Easter baskets were shoved up into the chimney, hidden in the dog food bin (under the dog food), in the back toilet tank, etc. You had to really look!

When I informed my husband that we would be carrying on this tradition, he was pretty excited to take over the hiding duties! Caroline’s first Easter basket (on her 2nd Easter), was hidden on her stool in the bathroom. She was so excited to find it! She got spoons and forks, a polka dot baseball hat, a plastic egg, and a stuffed bunny! She loved taking everything out and toting the basket around!

Later that day, we went to an Easter egg hunt. Caroline got to meet the Easter bunny as well. She actually did really well and even gave hugs and kisses! I thought for sure that she was going to be scared of him. She found several eggs and put them into her basket as she looked for more. 

We then went out to lunch at a great local bakery. Royal Bakery in Germantown is nothing short of amazing! We got bagel sandwiches and a couple of donuts to go! This is a stop I can definitely see making a tradition out of!

Holidays can be a bit sad sometimes since we don’t have extended family around. I am so glad that we are making our holidays so special, however. It might just be the three of us, but we have amazing family days!

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