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So this is being posted very late (we are in mid-August already)! We had such a great turnout with the Real, Mom’s Real Stories series on sleeping through the night, that this had to get pushed out.

July was a GREAT month for books. Pretty much every book we checked out at the library, we enjoyed! I tried to pick our absolute favorites out of the stack of books.

Some of our favorites this month:


Cloudette: This book is about being different and finding your unique qualities that make you special. Very good read!
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?: This is another series that we plan on reading more of. The series is teaching about good behaviors- this one being going to bed.
The Baby Tree: A book about where babies come from. In the back is has suggestions on how to talk about this topic with your child. We will be checking this out from the library when it comes time!
Froggy Goes To Bed: All about Froggy’s nighttime adventures before FINALLY going to bed! This is a series and we plan on reading more of these fun books.
My Very Big Little World: This is told from the perspective of a little girl. I loved the new perspective as we often find ourselves “speaking” for Caroline 🙂
Trucks Roll: This book was just very interactive and fun! All about trucks and what they do.
Otis: Otis is such a sweet story about a tractor and his friend. Otis isn’t the biggest, newest tractor, but he is the only one that can help his friend when in need. Otis is so special.
The Wishing Ball: Fun story about a cat that dreams of having a home, food, and a friend.
Meet Me at the Moon: Cute story about a Mama and baby elephant. Mama has to go on a journey, but gets to meet up with her baby when she is done.




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The links take you to amazon, where if you purchase, I would receive a small percentage of the money. There is NO additional cost to you- it is the same price you’d find if you searched amazon on your own.

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