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Friday Finds- Bath Ring

bath ring

Bath time has a lot of different stages as your baby grows. Of course, it starts nice and “simple” using a little baby tub in a sink or on the counter.

As your baby starts to outgrow that tub, however, things can get a bit more challenging.

Kneeling next to the bathtub, trying to hold your baby up while washing them, isn’t the easiest task in the world- especially if they are moving around!

Once they start sitting, it honestly doesn’t get any easier… they aren’t stable enough for you to really take your hands off of them for even small moments. It’s doable, but it’s back-breaking quite literally! I quite often found myself just getting in the tub with my daughter to make things easier.

As someone with joint pain and back pain, it simply wasn’t an easy task to kneel by the side of the tub, and I wasn’t all that excited to get in the tub every time our daughter needed a bath. I was beyond thrilled to find this product!

What is it? A bath ring or bath seat.

They are incredibly hard to find, and the ones that you do find online are pricey. Quite possibly worth it, but yes – pricey!

I was lucky enough to find one of these on a local buy, sell, trade group on Facebook. It needed some cleaning up, but when I was done with that, it was the most amazing item to have during bath time.

Caroline has always loved sitting. She started sitting right at 5 months of age. This seat allowed me to have her sit in the regular tub, and I didn’t have to hold her- at all!

She could play and splash and have a fantastic time. You can easily wash your little one while they are in this seat (yes even the hard to reach places)!

This is an amazing product. It not only lets your child enjoy bath time by allowing more play, it allows you to enjoy it as well! I don’t spend a lot of money on pricey baby items, but I have to admit- if I hadn’t found a used one to purchase, I would definitely invest in this!

We are not big on playing in the bath. We’ve never found toys that were safe and mold free. Plus, we like to keep things safe when our babies are young. Playing lends itself to accidents. This seat allowed for a bit of fun as well in a safe environment.

As our babies get older, we plan to find some safe bath toys as well. Here’s a great resource that I plan to save!

bath ring

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