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Poop Talk- Realities of Potty Training

Realities of Potty Training


Note: Today is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Day! We are all posting on the topic of potty training! See below for all of the links. Enjoy!


Poop Talk

“Mama poop!” shouts my almost 2 year old. Let me just note that I don’t particularly like this broadcast, and not only that…but it didn’t just happen! It shouldn’t be on my toddler’s mind. It happened hours ago, yet we are still talking about it!


“Yes, Mama pooped this morning”.

“Daddy poop!”, she replies.

“Probably, yes. I’m sure Daddy pooped this morning, too”. I answer, wondering why we are still talking about this.

“Caroline poop”, she says.

“Do you need to go poop, Caroline?”, I ask.


[Blank stare]…… (Me wondering yet again WHY we are discussing this if no one is pooping and no one has to poop) haha!


This is my reality all day every day LOL! We potty trained Caroline this summer and she’s done fantastic with it! When we potty trained her, she wasn’t talking. She’d make a grunting noise to let me know that she had to go pee or poop. She got her point across. That’s slowly progressed to her saying potty, and now describing things at random times. Now she’s talking up a storm, and she’s got potty on her mind… a lot!


Yesterday she was focused on “Pee, yellow”, “Poop, brown”. She likes showing me that she knows her colors!


The day before it was “Tiny, poop”. She’s learning about big and small, tiny and large, little and huge, etc. Poop was her example for the day to reference back to any time she saw something else tiny.


She went through a couple week phase (completely out of the blue), where she was suddenly scared to poop. Mind you she’s been pooping on the toilet since she was 5 months old, and was never scared to do so, so it was a bit odd! I held her and she leaned on my shoulder for comfort as she went. She got the job done. It’s her new favorite thing while pooping…Mama has to be touching as much of her as possible. So much for starting to wean her into privacy while pooping! I, of course, don’t mind holding her….just another reality of potty training that doesn’t get talked about much- how close your nose really is to the source!


“Whoa!” she’ll exclaim  as she cracks up, if there are any noises that come along. Giggling about loud bodily noises isn’t just for boys! Once she starts cracking up, Mama laughs too 🙂


Since she was scared to poop for a brief moment in time, I wanted to calm her down and remind her that everyone poops, it doesn’t hurt, etc. Of course, Mama doesn’t get to use the bathroom in private anymore. Since we were talking about how everyone poops, she likes to check and see if I’m pooping. Answering isn’t good enough, she asks to look before the “wipes cover up”!


This is how toddlers learn. They need to see that everyone poops. They need to see what their poop looks like. They have no idea that yelling “Mama, pooped” at Target would be at all embarrassing! Just more opportunities for learning about how “Some things we only talk about at home”.


Just want to give any pre-potty training mamas out there a heads up as to what lies ahead! Brace yourself for lots and lots of poop talk. Boy or girl, it is interesting to them, and your turn will come! 🙂


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