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All I have to say about our activities this week is 1 word: WATER!

There is a little creek at the course my husband works at. We decided to let Caroline play in the water instead of going to the playground, since it was so hot out. This girl loved it sooooo much, we went 3 days in a row!

She had so much fun exploring. She waded through the water, looked at rocks and fish, splashed and simply had a fabulous time. She’s been saying “wawa” (water) ever since we went the first time, and doesn’t seem to understand why she can’t always be at the creek! LOL

On the second day, we brought our bug jar that we were given at a recent mall event for kids. While we didn’t catch anything, she had a lot of fun filling it with water, pouring the water out, dunking it under the water, watching it sink, retrieving it, watching it float away with the current, retrieving it, and so on. I was a proud former science teacher on these water exploration days!

When the 4th day rolled around, we decided to do something a bit different. A program at one of the parks near by has a baby/toddler day once a month. So, we decided to head that direction, instead of going to the creek yet again. There is usually water play activities throughout the summer, so I told Caroline we’d still be getting to play in the water. I was sooo wrong! This day had no water play- oops! She did, however, get to look at plants and bugs through a magnifying glass, and go on a nature walk (all while requesting “wawa, wawa!” to play in. Mama mistake! Oh well! LOL I did take her home and let her have some fun water play in the tub to make up for my colossal mistake!

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