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Halloween 2017 Purple Crayon

Halloween was an absolute blast this year! Caroline had her costume picked out a few months in advance, and she never waivered in her decision. It was super impressive to me that she held strong on her choice.

She decided to be a purple crayon.

She came to this decision pretty quickly. I’d asked her what she wanted to dress up as, and Caroline said “I don’t know. What can I be?” So I gave her some ideas. I told her she could be anything. I started listing some ideas. I gave her character ideas, food ideas, objects of all sorts- to stress the ANYTHING part! Anything you can come up with we can create.

She heard me say crayon at one point, and she stuck firm to that idea. I asked her what color she wanted to be, and without hesitation she said purple. So a purple crayon it was!

I was thrilled, since this is a pretty easy costume to come up with. My original plan was to print the crayon logo on transfer paper and iron it onto a purple shirt. Turns out it was just as cost effective to purchase a purple crayon shirt- so I saved myself some time! I then found purple pants and decided to also get a long sleeve purple shirt in case it was a cool night. I then bought a purple party hat and called it done!

We also carved a pumpkin this year. Last year we just let her paint a pumpkin, but this year I wanted to show her what a carved pumpkin looked like. I tried my hand at it for the first time in AGES. I think it came out pretty good. She also got to paint a pumpkin, and really enjoyed doing both.

Caroline wore her costume for the first time on Halloween day. I didn’t want the thrill of her costume to be lost by her having worn it previously, so we saved it for the day of. She was beyond thrilled. We even made purple pancakes for breakfast. She got to wear it to school that day for their Halloween party, so she was all ready to go when it came to be trick or treating time.

Last year we did just a handful of houses. This year, Caroline did two subdivisions. It was probably a good 25 houses, many with pretty decent sized staircases leading up to the front door. She wasn’t tired in the slightest, and wanted to keep going. She did amazing.

She requested that one of us come up to the door with her for every house, and she also refused to say trick or treat. She got it in her head that she was nervous about it, and there was no getting her to say it. Luckily, she was very polite in other ways, and said thank you or “thanks” to every person. As she walked away from each house she’d say “I got what I needed!” SO funny!

She came home with a bucket FULL of candy!

We’ve started a bit of a tradition on Halloween, where we sit outside and hand out candy after we are done taking Caroline around for her trick or treating experience. We head out early so we are back in time for the big kids to come to our house. We started this for two reasons:

1. Our dog is much less stressed when there aren’t a million knocks and rings at the door. Not to mention he’s hard to control, so we’d have to lock him upstairs or outside to prevent him bothering the trick or treaters.

2. We just don’t get many trick or treaters. Sitting outside gets more kids coming to our house because they see us out there.

It has turned into a really great time. Caroline gets to unwind a bit, and it makes for good family time out on the front porch. This year, Caroline did such a great job handing out candy.

She went to bed pretty close to on time (after having a few pieces of candy). She did however, wake up a few hours later in a night terror. We thought she was awake, but she clearly was out of it once we were in the room. She was aware of what had happened afterwards, but in the midst of things she was afraid of us. She told me at one point that I wasn’t Mama.

Once she snapped out if it, she was fine. She must have been scared by something she encountered last night, though. Poor thing. She was easily calmed down and went back to sleep. We haven’t had any issues since, so it seems to have been a one night thing.

We had such a great Halloween. Caroline turns 3 this month. She is at that age where she’s really enjoying holidays and events more than she ever has. It’s so much fun to experience!

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