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Happy 3rd Birthday, Caroline

I can’t believe Caroline is already 3 years old! I also can’t believe it’s already the middle of December and I haven’t written about it yet!

Caroline has been asking me for MONTHS to make a rainbow cake for her birthday. MONTHS! She is so decisive and never even thinks about changing her mind. Since she also loves Trolls now, I decided to do rainbow Trolls cupcakes.

So first, the cupcakes… I made a simple boxed cake. It was the white cake with party confetti inside so there would be lots of color throughout. Nothing fancy, though, as we like to keep things simple around here!

For the icing, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone a bit. I made cream cheese icing from scratch, and bought this nifty little piping system that does 3 colors at once! Caroline chose orange, pink and purple. It was so easy, and I think they came out great. I needed a bit more icing to make them fuller looking, but I had what I had to work with. We bought Trolls rings to put on top for decoration.

As for her birthday celebration, well it was amazing. My husband’s family (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother and significant others) all came for Thanksgiving and for Caroline’s birthday. It was perfect.

Caroline just loves being around family. She talks to them nonstop, plays with everyone and has a blast. Since we had family in town, we didn’t do a “friend” party this year, although we aren’t big on those anyway.

On the day of her birthday celebration, Caroline woke up early. It was the day before her actual birthday and she was a bit nervous. I explain it in this post, but Caroline was scared that she was going to die on her birthday like her sister did (see post for that full explanation). We talked and talked and got everything explained.

Then, we went downstairs and iced the cupcakes. I was glad I hadn’t done it the night before, as it was a nice distraction from the previous conversation, and helped get her excited. We made the icing, she picked out the colors, and we piped it onto the cupcakes together. She then put all of the Trolls rings on as well!

For breakfast, she had a donut with sprinkles!

Her uncles arrived late that morning and we did a nice early celebration before her rest time. She blew her 3 candles out on the first try! Then she got to opening up her presents.

After that was play play play. She played all day long, then had some rest, and played again.

Her favorite thing that day was to play with her stamps (stamps she’s had since I think last Christmas). She didn’t want to stamp with them, but wanted to play with them. She put them on Bananagrams letters (scrabble letters), and pretended they were skating. All day long.

On her actual birthday, she got to go on a train ride! Her aunt and uncle had gifted her an experience for her birthday… and it was such a fun one! Caroline loves trains, so going on a real train was super fun.

The train was sloooooow (like we could have walked as fast as it was going), but it was a train ride and our 3 year old LOVED it- which is what matters! Santa was on board and sat down with Caroline. She gave a quick smile and said hi, but wouldn’t tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

She loved looking out the window and finding power towers, water, tractors and more!

After the train ride, we went into the train museum for some hot chocolate and cookies. So much fun.

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