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Hello to all of my Instagram followers!

I am so excited to be getting on the Instagram train….finally! LOL!

Since it took me so long, I want to offer something special just to you. I envision this page (along with my Instagram account) being a place for us to connect on a more personal level- the sneak peek into my life that might not always get posted on the blog, or to Facebook. Maybe even a few hidden posts or pages to keep things interesting! 😉

I tend to post pictures to Instagram before I have a full official post on the topic. Today was the perfect example… I posted a picture of Caroline testing out a big girl bed! I’ll write up a post on our plan for the transition to the big girl bed later this week, and I’ll post again as we look back and write down the successes and failures LOL! You’ll get to know ahead of time what’s going on and go on this journey with me, instead of reading about it all after the fact!

Below you’ll find my Instagram photos and shares. This is the place to come to learn more about them! Click on the pictures below to get linked to relevant posts and more information! Have fun, and check back in soon, as I’ll keep this page updated on a weekly basis!

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