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Mama’s Got Ink: p.s. i love you

Last night, we had a little family outing… the outing? To get Mama a tattoo! Yes, I’m that mom that brings her 2 year old to watch me get a tattoo! We pretty much do everything as a family, and I wasn’t about to go by myself. So, we all went!

I’m turning 33 tomorrow, and this is my first tattoo. I’ve always liked tattoos, but never had something that I wanted to actually be permanently stuck to my body. I also had a self proclaimed rule that I had to wait until I was 30 before getting one. In my younger days, I was notorious for changing my tastes on a whim! I knew better than to tattoo something then, but now I’m feeling content, rooted, secure, and stable in my likes and dislikes, my beliefs and views. There’s nothing I’m more certain of than my love for my family.

A few years ago, my husband and I started planning a “family” tattoo. We didn’t have children yet, but we had names picked out and had fun coming up with all of our tattoo options. We can’t get this tattoo until our family is complete. So we are waiting.

In the meantime, I realized that I had another very important message that would be perfect for my first tattoo. A message that speaks of my love for my husband. It speaks of my love for our marriage, my best friend, and the start of our amazing family. We were once just 2, and now we are 3, and will perhaps be more… but at the heart it all started with us. We are what hold our family together forever and ever. So to honor the “we”, my heart knew instantly what to write: “p.s. i love you”.  

P.S. I Love You, happens to be a movie title. Have you seen it? It’s about a young couple, very much in love, that have a knack for pushing each other’s buttons, arguing over the little things, and showing their love for one another in bold ways. The movie briefly highlights their tendencies like these, then fast forwards to inform you that the husband has died of a brain tumor. Before his death, he planned out deliveries and special gifts for his wife to receive after he was gone. Each one, the note would say “p.s. i love you” at the end.

The message hit home with us and we’ve remembered it for years. To us, the message is that our love is the most important thing. We are a real couple, and real couples can certainly focus on the little day to day things at times. We can have an argument that is about something silly, just like everyone else, and lose sight of the bigger picture in those moments. P.S. I love you is a phrase we can always say, to remind the other person that our love is what matters. Because the reality, is that something could happen to us, just as it did in the movie. One of us could be gone tomorrow. We want to make sure we focus on us. On the big picture. On our love. Not the little annoyances that come up through life.

P. S. I love you has come to be so meaningful to us. Life changes in an instant, and you never know what tomorrow will bring. So we are choosing to focus on love, and us. Our love is what makes our family and is the most important thing in our world.

“Look for that sign…When life as you know it ends”

This is another quote from the movie P.S. I Love You, and I feel it is appropriate to mention. As I watched the movie again recently, this quote really stuck out at me. There are all of these little moments in life, when your life is about to change in amazing ways. There’s always this little moment of realization that happens, and I loved thinking back on our little moments. The moment I met my husband in the bar next to Fenway Park. The moment that he laughed in that bar, as the people next to him couldn’t name more than a handful of the 50 states. The moment we laughed when the bartender had no idea what Dos Equis was when I tried to order it. The moment we decided we’d try a long distance relationship. The moment we decided to move across the country to be together. The moments we took a chance on our careers. The moment we said “I do”. The moment we decided to build a family. The moment we succeeded. And all the moments we gained strength. All the moments our hearts filled more and more with love that we never knew it could hold.

I love you so much, Joseph Villegas. Thank you for 10 years of amazing friendship and love. Thank you for all of our moments. Happy birthday and 6 year anniversary this month! I can’t wait for the next 10 years and the 10 after that. We have so many amazing moments still to come!

The wonderful calligraphy design was done by InkMeThis on Etsy. The beautiful tattoo work was done at Raw Ink Studio

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