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My daughter is now 20 months old. I have been so excited that she’s finally watching TV! I know most moms probably strive for no TV, but this Mama was trying and trying to get my daughter to like something on TV.

It gives us a chance to relax, give me a chance to get a few things done on occasion, and even allows us to learn new things in new ways. I have been thrilled that she’s found a couple of shows that she enjoys. I decided to try out a movie today, for the first time, because she’s been enjoying watching Daniel Tiger and Dora the Explorer.

I picked Finding Nemo (not remembering how scary it apparently was going to be for a 20 month old) LOL!

Needless to say, there were several moments where she was upset. Although she didn’t seem to want me to turn it off, at the same time! I fast forwarded through a couple of moments, but at the end of the day (we sat down 3 different times to watch it) we’d come back to the movie and finished it.

Once I realized there were so many scary moments in this movie, I stopped to think about other movies that would be ok to show her. I have to say, I wasn’t coming up with much. Really most Disney movies have a scary part to them.

I took to Facebook and asked a couple of different groups, including you guys (my blog readers)! My question was, “What are your favorite movies for this age that are not scary so I don’t traumatize my child again?! haha”. It got tons of response. I really wanted to compile one list of all of the movies that were recommended so I’d have it for future use, and to share with you today.


So, here is the full list (in no particular order) of movies that were recommended for this age by other moms!

We are building our collection of movies for kids as we go. We have chosen to skip DVDs, and go straight for using Amazon Video. We love that we can stream from our tablets/phones if need be while traveling, and we can connect to it from our smart TV at home. Makes it super easy to have access anywhere!

I’ve linked to the Amazon Video streaming for each of these. Only one movie (Paw Patrol) is unavailable, and several of them are completely free with an Amazon Prime membership! YAY!! (Daniel Tiger and Dora the Explorer are also free).


If you have more movie recommendations, please leave them in the comments for everyone!



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