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If you are anything like me, you have moments where you come up with all sorts of fun activities…and then lulls where you do the same old stuff over and over! LOL In an effort to motivate myself to do new things each week, and to share my ideas with others, I am starting a special Friday post. In our Facebook discussion group, we recently switched our “Food Friday” posts to “Fun Friday” posts. Our plan is to alternate and focus on activities one week, and food the week after. We all need some creative brain power now and again, so I love hearing from other mamas about new recipes, lunch ideas, healthy snacks, and fun activities they are trying with their little ones. So, my Friday posts will either be focused on Food or Fun!


This week is going to be all about FUN!


It is HOT, and I mean HOT outside! I hardly want to walk to the mailbox, much less go outside and explore/play. Caroline is too young to have a sense of when she is too hot. So, even things like going to the pool have to be short lived so she doesn’t overheat. She is finally old enough to start doing some fun crafts, however, so we took a trip to the store and stocked up on a few things!

1. Coloring

Caroline has been enjoying drawing! She draws with marker in her wipe clean books, on her dry erase board, and loves using her doodle pro now. It’s also the first thing she wants to do when we get to visit Daddy at work. She sits with him at his desk and grabs a pen to start drawing. So, I decided to get her a coloring book to see how she does with crayons. She used to just chew on them in restaurants, so we hadn’t bothered with them at home yet. I got her to color for a TINY bit! haha Mostly she just wants to hold her new book and flip the pages. She was THRILLED to find a Daniel Tiger coloring book! She also loved naming the colors of her crayons.

2. Watercolors

Caroline is really enjoying learning her colors right now. In just the last couple of weeks, she’s learned all of the basic colors, and is having fun pointing them out. So, when I saw watercolors on sale for back to school, I grabbed some! I also found these neat art trays to contain the mess, and some watercolor paper for her to paint on. She simply had a blast and was super focused. This will be on the go to list for awhile, now!


3. Stickers

Caroline is on a sticker kick right now. She loves them so much! I recently got a new bin for her growing collection of stuffed animals. I decided to let her decorate her bin with stickers. Once she gets started, she simply could do this all day long!

What are some of the fun activities you are doing at home? Tell us in the comments section for some inspiration!

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