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Pregnancy Truths No One Talks About

I am currently in a group on Facebook that is full of pregnant moms. They are all due around the same time that I was due with April Rey. Someone recently posed a question to the moms, and the answers had us all CRACKING up! I had to share, because the reality is that these are pregnancy truths. They don’t get talked about often, because well they are embarrassing, but they happen to ALL of us and are completely normal. Are we missing anything from this list?

The question:

For fun…what’s an unexpected, embarrassing, weird, or “I didn’t even know that was a thing!” pregnancy symptom you are experiencing this pregnancy or in a past pregnancy?

The hilariously true answers:

“I discovered the other day I have a varicose vein…on my vulva! ? Yep, it’s a thing. I had no idea. It doesn’t hurt, but is super weird. I read that they can actually cause greater “sensation,” so we’ll see about that, lol!”

“I had a huge blood blister on my labia after giving birth the first time! So painful! Went away on it’s own but omg so weird!”

“With both I’ve just gotten pregnancy carpal tunnel pretty bad, I’m super near-sighted, and my feet grow a whole shoe size.”

“Bloody gums! And I’m a dental hygienist! I have great oral hygiene, never had a cavity…but when I brush my teeth it isn’t pretty!”

“Back acne. I didn’t even know that was a thing- never had an issue with any acne as a teen or when I was pregnant with my daughter, but this time it’s awful I look like a teen hitting puberty!!”

“You know how many women say that during the 2nd trimester they can’t get enough sex? Not me. I’m pretty much celibate because of the pain. Both of my pregnancies have been like this. Apparently neither one of my children want their parents to get any.”

“My doctor discovered I had a birth defect on my vagina. You know how sometimes people can have two uterus’? Well I wasn’t born with two but I was born with two vaginal openings.”

“I’ve never had a charlie horse before until I got pregnant.”

“Peeing my freaking pants! It’s mostly just this pregnancy now that I’ve already had a kid, but every time I sneeze I have to hold my legs together so tight! I had a nasty stomach bug this weekend and every time I threw up I legit wet my pants. Like I had to go throw my shorts in the wash ? this one falls under the category of NOT fun!”

“Having to shave my belly button because pregnancy makes hair grow in strange places.”

“My belly button turned black with dead skin for the entirety of my first pregnancy. I had to scrape it off when I finally realized it actually came off!”

“My eyelashes are falling out….like a lot. Like I may not have any left at 40 weeks.”

“I have such bad gas ? I can’t even stand the smell of me.”

“Warts ?. They popped up all over my fingers when I was pregnant with my daughter. Most of them went away after I had her but they popped up again this time and are worse and there’s more.”

“My last pregnancy (boy) I swear I smelled like a man the entire time and months afterwards ??? no matter how often I showered or the strength of my deodorant. I kept apologizing to my husband. It was awful.”

“Pooping and peeing while giving birth.” Enough said. This is one truth that MANY women said truth to!

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