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In our house, we refer to summertime as “90 days of hell”. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE summer! I love the warm weather, the sun shining through nice and early in the morning, the pool days, and the fireflies. I just don’t love that summer steals my husband away.

My husband coined the phrase “90 days of hell” in our household, because summer is his hardest time of year. It’s like tax season for an accountant, or December for Santa Claus. He leaves at 3 am and doesn’t return until the sun lets him. He works every single day (weekends included). His job is keeping the golf course in tip top shape. The grass on the greens is vulnerable to an easy death if the summer would have its way. So on hot, dry days, my husband has to hand water the greens to keep them alive. It’s even worse on those windy summer afternoons. 

As a result, his days can be very long in the summertime. Some days we don’t see him until the sun starts to descend for the day. We never see him in the mornings (he’s been at work for 4 hours already before we rise for the day with the normal world), and there is no such thing as a weekend. The golf course doesn’t get to go indoors and take a break on the weekends, so neither does my husband.

So, in this house…we do rain dances (OK not really, but you get the point). If the rain comes there’s a chance we get to see Daddy a little earlier! It has to be enough rain, but when it happens, Daddy gets a much needed break and we get to see him a little earlier. It’s not much of a break, but we’ll take it. It might be the difference of coming home at 3:30/4 pm instead of 6/6:30pm! And as those of you with little ones know, those two hours can be invaluable!

We also don’t want too much rain, as that can bring its own set of disasters on a golf course. The hot weather combined with excess moisture is a breeding ground for disease. Diseased grass is a constant battle in the summertime, and can also steal him away for more long hours.

It is a balance- always a balance as with anything. If it could rain every 3rd day or so (I’m guessing half an inch), we’d be golden! I’m sure that’s probably incorrect- we’d have to ask my husband the exact frequency and amount he’d like, but anything would help, honestly!

Anyway, when Daddy comes home, we get our family time and it is perfect every time. Last night we got to take advantage and go to the pool as a whole family! Daddy got to see how Caroline loves getting in the pool, and I got to see how happy she is with Daddy around. Everything is better when Daddy is with us. Caroline showed off her frog kicks in the water, and tried out her new floatie! We came home and had black bean tacos, corn on the cob and fresh peaches. That is a perfect evening in my book!

While other families are vacationing and getting their best family times, we are trudging through just trying to make it to Fall. We visit Daddy on the golf course when we can, and we make the most of each and every minute we have with him in the evenings. And when other families are cursing the summer rain, we are rejoicing!

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