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Caroline can’t actually say “thank you” yet. She does, however, have her own version of the words. When asked to say thank you, she says “yaya”. We praise her for trying, since she is attempting to say thank you! “Yaya” is starting to transition into having more sounds in it. I know she recognizes that she isn’t saying it correctly. I can tell she is starting to adjust her sounds to fix it. We are letting her do her thing with regards to the sounds she is making. Caroline is just starting to really experiment with different letter sounds, and she’s showing some great progress.

Sometimes it feels silly that we ask. I mean, after all she can’t even say the right words yet, but she gets it- we can tell. If we are asking her to say thank you to someone other than Mama or Daddy, she typically stays quiet. We still ask that she tries, however. She is going through a bit of a shy phase around other people and doesn’t even like to say hi or wave. Again, we still ask her to try every single time, but we aren’t making a big deal if she doesn’t follow through, yet. Caroline always tries to say hi, thank you, more please, bye, etc when prompted towards Mama and Daddy, however. So, we make sure to take every opportunity we can get, to have her practice!

Yesterday, Daddy handed her something and she immediately said “yaya”, or “thank you”! We didn’t even have to ask her to do so! We were so impressed. Caroline is obviously understanding our expectations and did it all on her own, without us asking!

This was so validating to hear her pick up on this. It isn’t perfect yet, but by the time she can actually say the words “thank you” correctly, she will be saying it out of habit and know what is expected. I am beyond thrilled with these results. This makes me feel so happy and encouraged that we started setting these expectations early. Caroline is so intelligent, and is picking up on things so well.

For more information on how we are teaching kindness to our daughter, please check out this post. It also links to other posts on teaching virtues by the wonderful ladies in the Babywise Friendly Network Blogging community! Enjoy!

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