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It certainly wasn’t the longest trip in the world, but it was so special to all of us. My parents decided to drive up for a visit. They drove up Saturday morning, and got in just as Caroline started her nap. They got to spend Saturday evening with her, and Sunday morning. Then they hit the road again, for a quick turnaround, so my dad could go to work Monday. Super fast, super special, super exhausting for them, I’m sure!

Caroline gets to see my mom on Skype fairly often. She always asks to Skype in the morning, which is perfect timing for us. She has been saying “Nana” for quite some time now, since it is a fairly straightforward word to say. She recognizes her and is always excited to get on the computer with her. Grandpa is usually at work during this time, so we don’t see him on Skype as often. Grandpa is not an easy word to say, either, so Caroline hasn’t said his name yet- until this weekend!

We kept asking her to try and say Grandpa. Eventually, “Bubba” came out! Hahahahaha! We all laughed (and also praised her for trying). It was awesome. Grandpa was so happy that she gave him a name, and we all enjoyed the moment. I have to say I am REALLY hoping this name sticks! LOL I am going to
try and get her to keep practicing so she doesn’t forget how she says it by the next time we see him!

While it was a short trip, Caroline warmed up to Nana and Grandpa so quickly that they really got to enjoy their time together. Nana danced with Caroline, and Caroline asked for “more, more, more!”. She showed off her dancing skills and her listening skills this weekend. She listened to Mama and Daddy very well, and even listened to Nana and Grandpa when they asked her to do something. She said “way” and put her toys away after we were done with them, sometimes all on her own. 

Caroline got to show her new bike to Nana and Grandpa. Grandpa was down on his knees helping her learn to pedal! It is so much fun seeing your own parents interact with your child! The love is overwhelming and amazing. I was thrilled (and so were they), when they got kisses, hugs, snuggles and more. Caroline really had a blast with them this weekend and was sad to see them leave.

We walked them out to their car, and she said “bye, bye”. As they left, she kept asking for “Nana?”. All morning on Monday, she asked for them again. She gets sad when I say that “Nana and Grandpa had to go home”. She replies with
“gone”. “Yes”, I tell her “gone for now. But we’ll see them again soon”. Oh it just breaks my heart. I so wish we were closer to both sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles. It is something so special to see them all interact. So glad we get the moments that we do!

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