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As of the last few weeks, our not so little daughter (19 months old!!!) has graduated to taking showers with Mama and Daddy. She loved bath time (especially with Daddy), but she is so excited to be in the big girl shower now! I snuck out to take a quick photo… so no she is not showering alone!

She usually gets in with me, walks in and out of the water a few times, and then it’s time to wash. I get her washed and rinsed, and then she usually sits on the floor and waits for me to get done with my portion of the shower.

We always have the radio on, and we always do a little dancing. This girl is a shower dancing PRO! I won’t say where she learned it…. LOL!

You’ll need 3 of these combo packs to
cover the bottom of the tub!

So, we finally decided on these bath stickers, after trying out and looking at several mats. The bath  mats in stores are just SMALL. I couldn’t find one that I felt was long enough for good coverage. I then went to Amazon, of course! Again, it was hard to find long ones. The ones I did find had just average reviews, and the one we actually tried had a HORRIBLE smell. I know it was just a really strong vinyl smell, but our bathroom suddenly smelled like we were smoking pot in it! Needless to say, it got returned!

I remembered my grandma always having anti-slip stickers on the bottom of the tub. This is the same grandma that lived in California and had to ration water
like crazy! I remember baths consisting of only about an inch of water LOL. But I LOOOOVED the stickers and remember them to this day. I decided to do some research on the stickers and finally found some that looked like they had awesome reviews.

So far, we are loving the flexibility of the stickers, and they are working great! I made sure to buy enough to cover the entire floor of the tub (3 of the combo packs), and placed them close together to accommodate for tiny toddler feet. I am so glad we went with this option. Caroline really enjoys them, and I am happy with the quality! It is so nice to be able to just have her jump in the shower with us!

Showering is also providing such a good opportunity to practice identifying body parts! After I am done washing Caroline, I name body parts as I wash myself. Caroline practices washing herself head to toes! We do the same thing when we get out of the shower and dry off together. She follows what I’m doing and listens to all of the body part names. I love that she is getting so much learning in now, and she loves that she is getting to do big girl things!

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