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Caroline is now 20 months old. She understands everything that we say- everything. LOL We can no longer have a conversation about anything without her understanding. We have to spell choice words if we feel the need to exclude her from the conversation! I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M as an example! She has so many words that she tries to say, and only a handful of words that she says correctly or that someone else could understand. She get’s her point across, however, and I typically know what she’s trying to say. She’s also just barely starting to put two words together.

I always take the tactic of repeating what she says in my own words so I can confirm that we are on the same page. She nods and tells me when I got it correct, and says “No” and even laughs at me if I misunderstood. I am so glad she has patience with me!

Yesterday, I was really impressed with how she engaged in a conversation with Daddy.

Even though Caroline isn’t speaking much, yet, we still have conversations with her. We intentionally pause and give her an opportunity to join in, answer a question, etc. It probably seems silly when other people hear us do this, but it’s just something we’ve always done. We speak to Caroline as we would each other or any other adult.

A typical evening includes Daddy coming home and asking Caroline “what did you do today?”. She doesn’t usually answer. I then chime in and start telling him what we did. I still try to include her, and actually, I attempt to talk to her, not just Daddy. I say things like “Caroline, tell Daddy about the fountain today”, or “Remember the trampoline park today? You did such great jumping!”. She usually engages a bit more when I do this.

Well, yesterday was a huge milestone (in my opinion anyways). haha!
Daddy asked what we did. Caroline answered! She said “wawa” (water), “go”, “unc” (lunch), “Mama”, “ga ga” (got it), and “wet”.

Um, wow!!! Daddy and I were pretty impressed. In case you didn’t decipher my toddler’s words. Yesterday we went and played in the fountain. We got wet. Mama went in the fountain, too! Caroline asked to have lunch at California Tortilla. Mama said no, but we went home and had lunch.

As she said each of the words, I created a sentence for her so Daddy would have a clue. My husband and I were so impressed that she expressed so much to him in this way! She really got her point across and it was pretty neat to see.

If I am ever worried about her speech milestones, I have to say the worries melt away when I see how intelligent she is and how much she understands. She isn’t saying much yet, but wow does she have such good understanding! The words are starting to flow, and I am so excited to hear more from her!

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