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For a detailed explanation of what Stitch Fix is, please see my first blog post on the topic: Stitch Fix #1- mama gets to have some fun.

My second fix was MUUUUUUCH better than my first. I attribute that to a few things:

1. I updated my style profile to be a smaller size, so everything fit much better this time around.
2. I created a pinterest board so my stylist could see my “style”.
3. I gave honest and specific feedback on my first fix and why I was returning items.

A sneak peak….

The personalized note…

The style cards (showing you 2 ways to wear each of the 5 items)…

The pricing sheet…

The prices were still high in my opinion, but I think this is as good as it’s going to get with Stitch Fix.

Here’s a look at each item that I received:

In this fix, I asked for jeans, and I asked to try a dress with sleeves for Fall. This time around, I tried everything on before I looked at the pricing sheet. I had been so excited for the first fix, and then so deflated when I saw the prices, that I didn’t have a good time trying my items on. I did not want this experience to go the same way.

Abie Faux Wrap Dress

This dress is so comfortable and fits so well. I probably would have never picked it up off of the rack in a store, but I was so glad to have tried it on. This is my favorite item out of this shipment!

Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress

I love the bold print and colors on this dress. Again, it fits very well. I was very happy with this selection!

Haiden Straight Leg Jean

I asked for jeans that had a higher rise, because I am sick of my underwear or butt peaking out of the top of my jeans when I sit down. I am always pulling up my jeans and hate it! I am convinced that men are the only ones designing jeans for women out there! LOL! Anyway, these jeans fit like a glove. They have a higher waist which I am now in love with, and they are incredibly soft. I wouldn’t have chosen the cuff at the bottom, but I really don’t mind it now that I’ve tried them on! (I’m wearing them in all pictures below).

Adelise Knit Top

This top does not fit very well. It has a very wide neck and low open back. The color is just ok, but the texture in the shirt is very unique. I like the length of the shirt, but overall this was not a favorite.

Himsbury Crew Neck Blouse

WOW. Such a cool shirt! The detailing on the back is super cute, and the bright blue is fabulous! Again, I love the length. Great shirt.

So my thoughts overall….  

My stylist did a fantastic job! She listened to what I asked for, and she delivered! I am having a hard time not buying all 5 of these items! Buying the 4 that I like, in this case, is more expensive than buying all 5 items since you get a 25% discount. I may decide to sell the Adelise Knit Top, and I might sell one of the dresses, but I am definitely buying all 5 for now! I will definitely use Stitch Fix again after seeing this shipment!

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