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Strong As A #Mom – A STEM Loving Mom

The National Girls Collaborative Project invited me to share my story as a woman that pursued a career in STEM! I am so honored to be sharing!

“It was my freshman year
in college. I was taking the “weed out” courses of the premed
(biomedical science) major that I’d signed up for. I found myself spending
countless hours at the library studying, reading, and practicing- 
Chem 101 was a tough class, but I was feeling inspired by the content. I wanted
to read about it. I wanted to practice the problems. I wanted to learn as much
as I could. It seemed to be the perfect mix of science and math to satisfy my
brain, and, simply put, I was fascinated. I knew right then and there that I’d
be changing my major to chemistry. 

And so it was. I started
my journey, not knowing full well what I’d do.” 
 Read my full story here.

The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM. Join their monthly NGCP E-newsletter, “like” them on Facebook, and/or “follow” them on Twitter to stay connected and receive future NGCP updates.

Please join me in
thanking the National Girls Collaborative Project in all that they do! I am raising funds to donate to their wonderful cause.
You can help by purchasing one of these shirts “Strong As A #Mom”. Whether
you are a mom, or just have a mom, we can all appreciate how difficult their
jobs are. They often get overlooked. I am here to say we can be strong,
independent, STEM women that are also amazing moms! Let’s celebrate these
strong women and donate to the NGCP

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