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I started this blog literally less than 2 weeks ago.

My two main goals:
– Record everything so I can remember it for future additions to our family
– Get information out there for other mamas in case it might help them out

I know that it is a long shot to have a blog be successful… to be so successful that when people do a google search, it would pop up as a resource for them. Still, though…I decided it was worth the time to write this blog. Even if it only helps a few other mamas- that’s a few mamas that got some help! 1000 views is so miniscule in the scheme of things in the blogging world. When I woke up this morning to see that stat, though…I was ecSTATic! (sorry, I had to through some of my nerdiness in here) LOL Can you tell I was an engineer and chemistry teacher? haha

It really made my day though, to see that so many people have been able to get access to my blog. I have also had a few mamas message me for one on one help. This has been so rewarding. I have been able to give them ideas and answer questions at a moments notice…and it has helped them! This is above all, the best feeling in the world.

I’ve put my teaching career on hold at the moment in order to take care of my daughter full time. Perhaps my teacher side is coming out, but I am just loving being able to pass on our successes with others. It has been an honor to be talking to such amazing mamas as a result of this blog. I hope that it continues and I can continue to spread this help to more and more people!

My baby is nearly 6 months old now. Meaning –  I am NO EXPERT in babies by any means. This is my first baby and we are only half a year into it. So, as I write this blog, please know that I am in no way trying to claim I know what’s best! I only know what has worked for MY baby. And I know that at least 4 other mamas have had success following our schedules and ideas because they’ve taken the time to share their success with me. It’s nothing really…but it’s also HUGE. It means the world to me.

I looked at my husband last night and said “this is probably so silly and such a waste of my time”. While Caroline is napping, I write every day and add new information to this blog, and in the back of my mind I know the reality…that it is hard to get blogs out there. It is hard to get blogs accessible. 1000 views is small to the big bloggers, but it is a great feat for me! This blog will be my lifeline when we have baby number 2, it will be really special for our children to look back on, and so far it is helping other mamas get some ideas of things to try and some much needed rest! So I know this is not a waste of my time. It is an amazing opportunity for me that I am so glad to have taken on! I am so very glad that I convinced myself to move forward with this, and am so thankful for all the support! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Please continue to reach out to me. Find me on our facebook pages! I would love to hear your stories, your questions, your suggestions and your successes!

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