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You know the noise. The stomach curdling, forceful throws of vomit. And your instinct is to get out of the way. Well, not anymore. That was before your parenting days. Now you run towards the noise. Now your job is to comfort your toddler that has NO IDEA what is going on and just keeps saying “oh no, oh no mama” as she throws up all over you. You can’t just tell her to go kneel in front of the toilet as you would. You have to hold her and help her and comfort her. You have to refrain from throwing up yourself, or join in…whatever works LOL!

In the middle of the night, as you realize what’s happening, you try and make your way to the bathroom as you hold your child, to minimize the clean up. You find the shower to be the best place to contain everything. You try and talk to your daughter as your throat closes up in disgust and wants to empty your stomach’s contents all over the place. You hold her, pat her back, and tell her it will be ok.

Your husband, being the amazing dad and husband that he is… is checking on the two of you and working to clean up the trail of food chunks from the crib to the bathroom. You stand there thinking that you don’t know what you would do without him. You can’t imagine having to take care of your daughter AND clean up the mess.

When your daughter is then wide awake at 2:30 in the morning, you try everything to help her get back to sleep. You hold her, rock her, sing to her and tuck her in…. as many times as it takes. You even lay on the dog bed that’s in her room…because that’s where she wants to cuddle. And when you know that all she needs is to sleep, you still go to her when she calls you just in case she’s still not feeling well.

The next day you are so thankful that she has learned to watch and enjoy TV. You snuggle and keep her still so she can rest. TV helps make that happen, and you are so glad you took the time to find a show that she likes and can watch for more than 5 minutes. While you hate the scenario, and that your daughter is not feeling well, you love the extra cuddles that you are getting on this day. The cuddles that you rarely get now that she is in her 21st month of life.

The not so glamorous part of parenthood. The true love. The pain of not being able to comfort your child as much as you’d like to. The love you have for your amazing husband. This is parenthood. This is family.

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