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Love is an interesting emotion. It is confusing, exciting, frustrating, beautiful, and every emotion in between. It’s hard to define what love feels like. I know that when I try to explain it to my daughter one day, she will most likely walk away confused as to why it is not a simple answer. I know that the best way to explain it to her, will be to show her. As parents, it is our responsibility to model what love is, with our own relationship, and in our relationships with our children.

As I type, it all gets blurry. What is love? To me, love is respect, love is kindness, acceptance, and compromise. It is admitting when you’re wrong and looking at your own flaws. It is inspiration to be the best. Love includes arguing and passion, fighting for the things that are important, and honoring your partner in the process. It is full of high expectations- of yourself and the other person. It is hard. It is being unable to breathe because you are laughing so hard. It is comfortable silence. It is your best friend. Love is no place you’d rather be. And so much more. I could go on forever. There is no simple answer.

Sometimes love is a choice that you pursue. Sometimes love is handed to you in unexpected ways.

In November of 2014, our lives changed when we welcomed our daughter into the world. Everyone tells you it will happen. They tell you that this overwhelming love just slaps you in the face… but you just have no idea and no way to prepare for it until it happens. The love that I felt the instant Caroline was put in my arms is unreal. It is not something that I can even try to explain. I now officially believe in love at first sight, however (when welcoming a child).

Here’s what no one told me about, though: No one told me that I’d fall in love with my husband about 1000 fold that day. When you see the love of your life fall in love with your daughter… no words can describe the magnitude of your new love for that person. When I saw my daughter reach out and hold my husband’s hand, the tears streaming from my husband’s face, my heart just about exploded.

One year later, my heart is still exploding. I love everything about our new life. I love my husband in new and surprising ways. I love getting to stay home with our daughter. I love everything about Caroline and who she is becoming. She is smart, sweet, independent and stubborn. She is a miniature version of my husband. I see myself in her as well, which makes me love myself a little bit more, too!

I appreciate my parents’ love for me so much more. And watching my parents and my husbands parents fall in love with Caroline fills my heart with love as well. I’ve gained a new love for her grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Having a child has simply brought  so much love and happiness to my life. I am forever grateful, and forever in love.

Happy early Valentine’s day from our family to yours!

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