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Why I Love Hearing My Baby Cry

One of the perks of being a parenting blogger, is getting to connect with other moms. I’ve had the honor of getting to know this amazingly strong mama, and hearing her story. This woman has strength beyond what I can even fathom. She is sharing her story with us today. She is sharing her sadness, her heartache, her strength, and her happiness. This is a story worth your time.

Kelly writes:

“To most parents, the sound of their newborn baby crying is, at the very least, uncomfortable. To me, it is music to my ears because it means my baby is alive. Don’t get me wrong, I still cringe and want to fix whatever is wrong, but for a few seconds at least, my heart rejoices.

My husband Jeremy and I had our first date in December of 2010. We fell in love and got married ten months later. Part of the reason we married quickly surrounded the fact we were both in our 30s and wanted children. It felt like it was meant to be because we got pregnant the week of our wedding! Six weeks later, on our delayed honeymoon, we miscarried our little peanut. We were devastated. There I was in an airport bathroom, losing our baby. We had a nice honeymoon but this cloud of sadness definitely followed us around on that trip. We met with the doctor once we returned home and were given the standard “these things happen” and “don’t worry, this is very common, everything will be fine” talk.”

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