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2.5 Year old Dentist Appointment

Caroline had her 3rd dentist appointment yesterday, and she rocked it! You fully expect toddlers to be a little unsure of the dentist with all of their odd looking tools, etc. Well, Caroline was cool, calm and collected. She sat in the chair all by herself this time. She listened to all of the hygienist’s requests when her teeth were being cleaned, and overall had a great exam.

During this visit they:

– Cleaned: They brushed her teeth, and also had her show them her technique. They scraped in between her teeth and did all of the usual cleaning we’d expect. They used the suction tool as well.

– Polished: Caroline got to choose her polishing flavor and they used the circular brush on her to polish her teeth. She chose watermelon over strawberry.

– Inspected: They used the little mirror, and turned on the big spotlight above her to inspect her teeth for cavities (she was cavity free). 2 of her second year molars are through on the bottom, and it looks like there’s the indentation where one will be starting soon on the top.

– Did a Fluoride Treatment: Once the inspection was done, they did a fluoride treatment. We were reminded that she shouldn’t eat anything crunchy, and that she shouldn’t brush her teeth that night.

I think part of the reason Caroline did SO well, was because of her Dentist book! She reads this book called “Going to the Dentist” all the time, and just loves it. It explains all the potentially scary details of going to the dentist, in a great way. We used the story of the book to talk about what was going to happen on the drive over.

I was also super happy with our dentist. They had clearly taken good notes at our last visit, so we didn’t receive any of the questions about when milk is given, if she sucks on a pacifier or her thumb, etc. They did their homework last time, and were satisfied with all of our answers, so they didn’t repeat the questioning this time around!

When she was done she was given 4 stickers and a token to pick her own prize in the waiting area. She was amazing and so patient with everyone!

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