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3 Day Refresh With Beachbody

I’ve been looking at detox diets for quite awhile now. It keeps getting mentioned to me from my doctors and in my research that I’ve done online. I’m trying to find a way to manage my fibromyalgia pain, to get my energy back, and to feel healthy. Doing a detox and/or changing my diet, with the use of an elimination diet, is the only thing I’ve yet to try. I was thrilled when I saw that Beachbody had a detox program. I have been very impressed with their products so far, and this program has great reviews. I’m not at all inclined to do a detox where I only get to drink juice. I don’t think I can personally get over the mental hurdle of not being able to eat. So, I was happy to read that this program allows you to eat and is very easy to follow.

For 3 days, I will basically be drinking shakes and eating fruits and veggies. That I can handle (I think)!

I am a planner and I wanted to keep things simple. So, I quickly decided that I would be eating the same thing for each of the 3 days and doing my meal prep ahead of time. I wanted to make sure I did the program correctly, and didn’t misstep along the way. I based my plan roughly off of what I already had at home as well, to minimize the cost.

The basic recommended plan each day

Wake  8 oz water
Breakfast Shakeology 1.25 cups
1 Serving of Fruit


Fiber Sweep 8 oz 

Lunch Vanilla shake 1.25 cups
1 Fruit serving
1 Vegetable Serving
1 Healthy Fat Serving


1 Vegetable Serving

1 Healthy Fat Serving
Dinner Vanilla shake 1.25 cups
1 Serving Dinner Recipe (provided)

Water- drink at least half of your body weight
in water throughout the day.

My Plan and Meal Prep Each Day

Beachbody sends a program guide that tells you how much 1 serving is for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. It also has dinner recipes to choose from. I used this as I went through and made my plan.

Breakfast: Drink the vegan shakeology shake provided, and eat 1/2 banana (1 serving of fruit)

I chose this because my daughter eats 1/2 of a banana each morning, so it just makes sense and is super easy! I usually eat my half along with some malt-o-meal or an oatmeal cup, so it is something that I’m used to. 

Snack: I had nothing to prepare for this… just drink the fiber sweep drink that they provide.

Lunch: Drink the vanilla fresh shake provided, and…

1 fruit serving each day: I cut up 1 kiwi (1 serving), 2/3 cup blueberries (1 serving), 3/4 cup raspberries (1 serving). This comes out to 3 servings of fruit. I mixed it together and divided it into 3 containers for 1 serving on each of the 3 days.

1 vegetable serving: There is a great frozen vegetable medley with cauliflower, broccoli and carrots in it. I steamed a bunch of it and measured out 3/4 cup for each day to be my 1 vegetable serving.

1 healthy fat serving: 2 tbs avocado is 1 serving. I did not prep this head of time. I just made a note for myself to do this each day. My daughter will snack on the remainder of the avocado, and I’ll be saving a serving each day for snack time.


1 vegetable serving: 1 cup of cherry tomatoes (I lucked out and had just picked some fresh ones at the orchard yesterday!)

1 healthy fat serving: 2 tbs of avocado saved from lunch. Again, I did not prep this part, I’ll just have the avocado saved in the refrigerator from lunch.

Dinner: Drink the vanilla fresh shake provided, and….

The kit comes with a program that has dinner options. I am overflowing with cherry tomatoes from the orchard, so I literally picked a recipe based on that. I bought enough to, again, make it for 3 days. 

The recipe I chose is a spinach salad and consists of the following for 1 serving:

2 cups baby
1/2 cucumber
1/2 red bell pepper
1/4 cup sprouts
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
1/2 tsp evoo
1 tsp pumpkin seads
Fresh lemon juice

My Experience

Shakeology- I’ve been drinking these for almost a month now, and had tried the 7 day sample pack. I got the chocolate vegan flavor in this kit. It is pretty tasty! I enjoy drinking this. 

Fiber Sweep- Has a slight lemon flavor and doesn’t taste great or bad. Slight aftertaste but it’s pretty easy to get down if you aren’t a complete wimp like I am! LOL 

Vanilla Fresh Shake- Same as the fiber sweep above. I wouldn’t be wanting more, but it’s easy to get down. <– This is how I felt after drinking it ONCE. Now, after having my second shake for dinner on day 1, and having my first serving for lunch on day 2 I am struggling to get this down.

ALL of the drinks above, I recommend putting over ice for the best flavor. 

I am really struggling to get the fiber sweep drink and the vanilla fresh shakes down. The first attempt went fine. Now that I’m feeling a little weak from being on the program, I’m having a harder time choking them down. I am a huge wimp when it comes to flavors and textures that I don’t like. So, this probably wouldn’t be hard for other people, but I am having a hard time. I am literally plugging my nose and chugging, and it still doesn’t all quite make it down. 

That brings me to how I’m feeling on the program. Check out each day that I have outlined below and I’ll talk about this in more detail:

Initial Stats: 

125.0 lbs

Waist 30″
Hips 36.5″
Thighs 21.25″
Arms 10.5″
Bust 30″

Day 1

125.0 lbs

Breakfast around 8:15 am

Fiber Sweep at 9:30 am

Lunch at 11:30 am

Was feeling pretty hungry by 2 pm, but I waited for my snack so I wouldn’t be hungry again before dinner.

Snack at 2:30 pm

Dinner at 5:30 pm

I programmed alarms into my phone so that I remembered each item I was supposed to eat and the approximate time. 

By 11 am I was super hungry. By 2 pm I was starving and getting a bit of what seemed to be a hunger headache. My headache lasted from 2 pm through the night. It was so bad, it woke me up during my sleep. Luckily, when I woke on day 2 it was gone. I was also weak, extremely cold, and feeling nauseated.

Day 2

Took weight and I was down 3 lbs!! 122.0 lbs

Breakfast 8:30 am

Fiber Sweep 9:30 am

Lunch 12 pm

Snack 2:30 pm

Dinner 5:30 pm

When I woke on day 2 I no longer had my headache from the night before. I was VERY weak, and slightly nauseated. I felt much better once I had breakfast. This program is allowing you to consume about 900 calories per day. This is obviously very low compared to what I would typically eat. It also recommends no coffee. Since I am not looking for weight loss with this program, I decided to do a couple of cheats on day 2 to help myself out:

  • I drank my morning coffee (with the tiny bit of sugar that I usually put in, and the non dairy creamer that I use). I highly doubt that this one addition is going to ruin my detox, and if it at all helps decrease the chances of a headache (which it very well could have contributed to), then it’s worth it!
  • I am eating slightly more of the fruits and veggies that I’m “allowed”. This morning I ate a whole banana instead of the 1/2 that is portioned out. I ate one extra tablespoon of avocado, and I ate an extra banana at bedtime (otherwise I was going to struggle to get to sleep due to hunger)

It is now 1 pm and I am feeling satisfied hunger-wise. I am still relatively weak, but I have had energy today. It seems odd to me that I could be feeling weak, but also have lots of energy. This morning I felt great, however, and took my daughter to check out a new park. Now that I am sitting I am feeling the weakness a bit more. 

Something I’ve noticed on day 1 and 2 so far, is that I have to pee ALL THE TIME! I am dancing around like my almost 2 year old when I have to go, too! I am not drinking more water than I have been over the last week, but it seems to be moving through me so fast. I feel like all 3 lbs I lost already must have come out as water LOL. 

I felt great for the remainder of day 2. No headaches, decent energy, just a bit hungry at times.

Day 3

121.0 lbs

Breakfast 8:30 am

Fiber Sweep 9:30 am

Lunch 12 pm

Snack 2:30 pm

Dinner 6 pm

By day three I was feeling great with regards to my energy levels. My overall sense of pain (especially in my knee where I have the most trouble) seems to be better as well. This could also be due to not working out during the detox…so I’ll have to wait and see once I get back to my normal schedule.

I kept my same cheats today (plus a big one). I ate a whole banana for breakfast. I also ate an extra bite of avocado. When it came time for my snack at 2:30 pm, the cherry tomatoes I had set aside and measured were no good. So I skipped my snack. I literally had to go to the store to get something else approved, and my daughter was sleeping. By dinner I was starving and it worked out that my husband was home early enough to join us for dinner. As a result, we just went out to eat…and yes I just went ahead and ate! LOL I had completed most of my detox and just wanted to enjoy a meal with my family.

Overall, my detox went great. I learned a few things along the way that I think might help others get through this easier.

My Stats

On day 4, I woke and weighed and measured myself. I lost a total of 4 lbs (even with my little cheats mentioned above). Here’s the big one- I lost 1 FULL inch off of my waist! I lost 0.25 inches off of my hips, 0.5 inches off of each thigh, 0.5 inches of of each arm, and 0.5 inches of of my bust. I was not looking to lose weight, but figured that whatever was going to come off was simply water weight. SO crazy how much I lost.

My goals were to help re-energize, and hopefully decrease pain that I’m feeling in my body. So far I have to say, I’m feeling good. I’m not pain free, and it wasn’t a miracle cure for my lack of energy, but it has seemed to help. I’ll check back in after a week or so and put an update in this post with how I’m feeling at that point.

Update: I am 3 days out on my normal diet again. I haven’t eaten the best of meals, unfortunately, since the detox. We’ve had a lot of grab and go moments and stopping for food. I really need to get myself to the grocery store. Anyways, I feel awesome! My pain is maybe a little better, but my energy is great! That’s what I was struggling with the most. I really do feel pretty energized and “normal” haha! If this lasts long, I’ll be doing the detox again once I start to feel fatigued again!

My tips

Don’t make the salad for dinner. It is dry and hard to eat the entire thing. Make one of the other meals!

If you want to give up coffee during this detox, do it about a week before so your body has time to adjust to the lack of caffeine. This is probably a big reason that I had a headache on day 1, and it was far from pleasant.

The fiber drink gets really thick, really fast! The flavor really isn’t horrible, but the texture is really bothersome and caused some issues when I was trying to get it down. Next time, I am going to split it in half and only mix half at a time. I was able to get half of it down, before the other half seemed to be turning to gel. This would allow me to probably drink the whole thing without any issues.

The vanilla fresh shake pretty much just sucks. I also don’t like the vanilla shakeology, so maybe it’s just me, but I really struggled with this one. I love the chocolate vegan shakes and the cafe latte shakes, but something about this one just wasn’t working for me. On day 2 I tried sprinkling in just a tiny bit of the cafe latte shake mix that I have. I figured it was a relatively good thing to sprinkle in for flavor. I hardly put any in, and it was the difference of me able to drink it without plugging my nose!

Put all of the drinks through the blender to help with texture. Pour all of the drinks over ice. Drinking them as cold as possible is the only way to go. Do not blend ice in…it only makes them thick, and does not make them cold enough!

If you are interested in doing this, please let me know. I joined as a coach recently (mostly for the discount), but I’m also loving that it’s giving me an avenue to help others. Just fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch!

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