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Mama Fail #12093497 LOL

I’m in the kitchen getting Caroline’s dinner ready. I’m starving because I’m currently doing a detox and not getting to eat anything other than fruits, vegetables and shakes. As I cut up the rotisserie chicken that I normally am pretty blah about eating, I am practically drooling and very distracted.

My daughter pops her head up, as she often does, in the pass through window between the family room and the kitchen. She’s climbed up on the couch and is talking to me, grabbing at the items on the ledge, and climbing further and further up. I remind her not to climb, but don’t bother to stop what I’m doing to physically go and stop her.

She starts saying what I think sounds like “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby”. One of her favorite stuffed animals is named Bobby. I tell her that we’ll play with Bobby later and that he’s upstairs. She keeps repeating this over and over. I keep simply responding with different versions of no. “Mama is busy making dinner right now, we’ll play with Bobby later”. “Bobby is upstairs”. “No”. “You need to wait, Caroline”. “Why don’t you get your puzzle out, or your books?”

Her response to me changes to whines and cries. All through the whines and cries she is saying “pea” for please and breaking my heart. I get to a stopping point and turn around to go comfort her. As I look at her she says “No, Mama!”. I wait and say “No, what?”. She responds by saying “Bobby, wawa”. My mind races. I’m obviously not understanding what she’s saying right now.

Finally the light bulb comes on.

“POTTY!? Are you saying potty!?”

She nods her head yes and starts jumping up and down saying it over and over again.

“Oh my gosh, of course you can go potty. I am soooooooo sorry, Caroline.”

We rush to the potty. She makes it completely dry, and has a HUGE pee. Poor thing was holding it that entire time!!

So many of her words sound the same right now. Out of context it is so difficult to tell the difference. I can’t believe she was patient enough with me to hold it and wait through all of that. What a big girl she is. And, can we say potty trained!??! WOOHOO! That’s huge to be able to do that just a couple of months after being potty trained. Not even a drop in her underwear. So proud of my little, big girl!

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