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William’s 7 Month Schedule

William is now 7 months old, and time is just flying by. He is a completely new baby this month!

Four days before turning 7 months old, he started sitting! This is my favorite baby time!

I will be the first to admit, that the newborn phase is fun, but I get bored. The sitting phase, on the other hand, is a ton of fun.

Suddenly, babies can really start interacting with the world, grabbing and playing with toys. It’s a game changer. I was sooooo happy that he started sitting.

I actually realized today, that since he started sitting, I’ve never let him stop LOL! I never lay him down anymore for wake time. Poor guy is probably exhausted.

7 month babywise schedule

So the funny thing, is that at William’s 6 month appointment, I mentioned to the doctor that he showed no signs of sitting any time soon. She was surprised he hadn’t been referred to the Infants and Toddlers program for the county yet, since he was a preemie born at 34 weeks.

She went ahead and gave us a referral.

A physical therapist came out to our house to assess William’s progress in all areas for his adjusted age. They were assuming he as 4 months instead of 6 basically.

He measured ahead on everything and came in with markers in the 6-7 month age range. Needless to say, they were not concerned.

On that day, however, I attempted to show them how he didn’t even wobble or try to sit, he’d just fall over. Well, he made a liar of me LOL! He was trying to correct on this day, and I’d never seen him do that before. We all laughed.

7 month babywise schedule

Two days later, he was sitting on his own for a couple of seconds, and a couple of days after that he had it down pretty well!

I am in my glory and so is Caroline! Playtime is so much fun now!

7 Month Old Babywise Schedule

William’s schedule still hasn’t changed much. He is on 2 naps and 1 catnap. He is on a 2 hour and 15 minute wake time now (which is still low for his age), and he’s eating 4 bottles, and solids 3 times each day.

7 month babywise schedule

Feeding Schedule for Month 7

7 month babywise schedule

7 am wake and bottle, 8:15 am solids, 11 am wake and bottle, 12 pm solids, 3:30 pm wake and bottle, 6 pm solids, 6:30-7 pm bottle

Sleep Schedule for Month 7

9:15 am – 11 am first nap, 1:15 pm – 3:30 pm second nap, 5:30 pm to 6 pm catnap, 7:20 pm bedtime


William is in a very distracted phase now that he can sit up, look at things, and play! He still loves his food, however!

Solid Foods

7 month babywise schedule

William is LOVING solid foods. I make my own purees (nothing fancy at all- just basic fruits and veggies).

I freeze the purees in little ice cube trays designed for baby food. For breakfast, he gets a Stonyfield yogurt, and two of these ice cubes of food.

For lunch and dinner, he gets 3-4 cubes (fruits and veggies).

At the very end of this month, he’s started trying puffs, and some bite-sized pieces of food. For the most part, he just spits it back out, but he’s starting to get the idea.

He grabs the puffs and is able to almost get them in his mouth. He doesn’t seem to like those, however, so he doesn’t put much effort in. I think if he liked them, he’d be grabbing and eating them no problem.

We are also giving him big chunks of things to chew on (a big slice of nectarine, or a strawberry, etc.)

7 month babywise schedule


Bottles are still going great. He went through a horrible spit up phase last month. REALLY BAD. The zantac wasn’t even helping.

He’s gone back to minimal spit up now, so that’s been really nice.

He takes 4 bottles a day, with 6 ounces in each bottle. He is now towards the end of month 7, and he’s starting to take much less from his bottles (leaving an ounce or two), and is eating more solids.

Boy loves his solids 🙂


I cannot get him to be successful with a straw cup, or the miracle 360 cups. He knows there’s good stuff in them, and gnaws at them, but doesn’t suck yet.

I bought some take and toss straw cups to try. We’ll see how those go.

When I give him and open cup to drink from, however, he slurps it right up and loves it!

Wake Time

Wake time is so much fun now. Poor guy is so tired, probably because he’s sitting all the time now! It’s so good though.

His wake time is 2 hours and 15 minutes, so it’s a little behind where I would expect it to be at this age, but he was a preemie, so it might be par for him!

ideal wake times
"Babywise schedules eat wake sleep sample schedules" Newborn baby, sitting baby, walking, and talking one year old.
how the babywise method helps babies sleep better

He loves stuffed animals, things he can chew on, and any easy hold type of toy. He’s talking a lot more and letting us know if he doesn’t like something or wants us around.

7 month babywise schedule

He has gotten some play time in the sink with the water on, and loves it.

He’s even starting to get some sensory activities to do now that he’s sitting!

We did play time with dry mashed potato flakes. He enjoyed it, but enjoyed the cleanup time in the sink more!

7 month babywise schedule

Pre-Potty Training

7 month babywise schedule

William is following in Caroline’s footsteps. He flat out refused to poop in his diaper! He grunted and grunted and grunted. We were out, so we just let him do his thing. Figured he was pooping in his diaper.

Every time I checked though, there was nothing.

He seemed so uncomfortable.

When we got home, I put him on the toilet. He pooped immediately! I felt bad, but also so proud of him all at the same time!

Every time I put him on the toilet, he at least pees and usually poops as well. It’s amazing. I love doing early pre-potty training this way!

Nap Time

Nap time is amazing. He’d started waking a little early, so we adjusted his wake time from 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

That did the trick and he was back to taking his nice long naps.

His routine is pretty much nothing- change diaper, hug, turn on sound machine and lay him down.

He doesn’t even use a sleep sack any longer, because it is so hot out!

We lay him down wide awake and he does his thing and puts himself to sleep.

He touches his head a lot when he’s tired. So cute.


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Nighttime is also perfect. I can’t remember the last time he woke in the middle of the night.

He’s struggling to settle a little bit at night right now. We just go in, pick him up and give him hugs. He gives lots of kisses and talks. Then we lay him back down and try again.

Some nights we do that 2-3 times right now. He is still not getting assistance putting himself to sleep, however. Just an extra hug if he needs it to settle.

Honestly, I think he’s just hot! He sleeps in a onesie, and last night he slept in just a diaper!

Life With Two

William’s 7 Month Schedule

WOW. This month has been so amazing.

Caroline can sit with William and actually play now. They can hand things back and forth. They can talk to each other, and really interact.


7 month babywise schedule

Caroline is much more engaged with him now that he’s sitting.

She’s feeding him more as well, and just thoroughly enjoying his presence. He’s just loving it and so am I!

Favorites This Month

William is loving all the toys right now. I feel like he is bored and I’m having to get creative LOL! Here are our favorites this month:

Favorite Toys in Month 7:

Rainbow Teething Necklace
Play Center
Wobbly Giraffe Toy
Vtech Ball
Fabric Blocks
Water Mat
Ring and Shape block Combo Kit
Shade Pod
Rainbow Teething Necklace
Play Center
Wobbly Giraffe Toy
Vtech Ball
Fabric Blocks
Water Mat
Ring and Shape block Combo Kit
Shade Pod

I call this item our shade pod. It is 50 SPF and gives William a nice padded spot to sit that is SHADED! It’s so nice to have on the patio, and in the garden!

7 month babywise schedule

ALL the toys! He loves it all right now!

I couldn’t find the exact baby toys we have for everything, but these are super close!

For a fun list of the 15 best toys and gifts for 7 month olds, check out this post.

Stacking rings and shape blocks – these are super easy for William to hold and he’s loving them right now. This is also a super cute bundle deal from amazon.

Water Play Mat– This is perfect for this age.

7 month babywise schedule

Fabric blocks – he chews on these like crazy. They get soaked, but he really enjoys it!

He’s starting to really enjoy this ball and all of the little tags on it and the noises it makes.

His grandparents got him this wobbly giraffe toy awhile back. It’s a huge hit now!

Play center with buttons. I couldn’t find the one we have, but anything will do! Noises and something easy for them to make work!

This airplane was on lightening deal on amazon (which by the way, it’s still over half off). I grabbed it thinking for Christmas or his birthday. Honestly, though…I might just give this to him soon, because he’s bored with what he has! LOL

Rainbow teething necklace – I don’t wear this, I just give it to him to play with when he’s sitting in his high chair waiting on food LOL! He loves it, though.

Baby walker – We put this up against this couch so it doesn’t roll away. I then plop him in front of it now that he can sit. He is really starting to play with it a lot.

A bouncer is so nice to have. It gives him a break from sitting, and really engages him. He doesn’t bounce much, but he does to full 360s and go around to each station. He gets some good independent play in the bouncer since I don’t have to worry about him tipping over!

Also, a fun thing that we do is make our kids wishlists on Amazon! Anytime our 4 year old tells us she’d like something, we find it on Amazon and put it on the list to remember it.

I start it when they are young as I see things they might like. William has had one set up since he was about 3 months old. It’s so helpful to save ideas!

Printable Schedule

7 month babywise schedule 12

How to Structure Your 7 Month Old Baby's Day

How to structure your 7 month old baby's day- from feeding times with bottles and solid foods, to nap times.



7 Month Wake Time

Start by figuring out the wake time that is ideal for your child. For us, our baby is still at 2 hours and 15 minutes of wake time. (This is the month between when he turned 6 months old and 7 months old).

7 Month Schedule

This schedule is working great for him at 7 months.

  1. 7 am wake and feed bottle
  2. 8:15 am feed solids
  3. 9:15-11 am nap
  4. 11 am wake and feed bottle
  5. 12 pm feed solids
  6. 1:15-3/3:30 pm nap
  7. 3/3:30 pm wake and feed bottle
  8. 5:30 - 6 pm nap
  9. 6 pm feed solids (this changes depending on dinner for us)
  10. Feed last bottle somewhere between 6:30-7 pm
  11. Bed at 7:20 pm

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