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Am I The Only Woman That Doesn’t Come Up With Excuses To Not Have Sex?

Ok so this is far from my normal type of post, but I feel like this needs to be said. I belong to a few groups online on Facebook that are comprised 100% of women. They are moms groups. In these groups, we mostly bounce parenting ideas off of one another, but the occasional post about other off topic items comes up as well- sex being one of them. Usually it’s about how horrific sex feels after having a baby, and women are wanting to know what on earth to do and how to get past the pain, and if it will ever go away (yes by the way it does).

But then there are these posts about women wondering how other women get out of having sex with their husbands. Sometimes they are joking, sometimes not, but in general these comments are frustrating to me and I don’t understand them. This isn’t the 1950’s where women pretend to not like sex. So, why are we still acting like sex is something we need to “get out of”. Why on earth would women be faking headaches instead of just being honest with their partner that they aren’t in the mood?

I am confused by this and I feel that it is so detrimental to women. We have gotten to a place where it’s ok for women to talk about sex, and to understand their bodies, and to LIKE sex (gasp!). It’s frustrating to me that there are women out there still faking headaches and talking about it like it’s the norm, because I feel like all of those subtle statements (even in the form of jokes) are teaching the next generation that they aren’t supposed to like it, or that there is something shameful about sex.

Anyways, rant over…. I wrote a post if you care to read it over at Her View From Home. Here’s a sneak peek, and a link to the full version! I’d love to know your thoughts as well!

There’s something I don’t understand. I see these articles all the time about how women pretend to have a headache, or pretend to be asleep in order to get out of having sex with their husband. Am I missing something!? I have never done this. If I don’t feel like having sex, I tell my husband that I don’t feel like having sex. But more often than not, he already knows if I feel like it or not, and doesn’t push the issue enough for me to even have to say that. And more often than that, I want to have sex! I enjoy having sex with my husband. I know that’s not an approved 1950’s thing to say, but come on… it’s 2017! I like having sex with my husband. I initiate sex with my husband.  Read the full post here.

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