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Baby V #2 Bump Update- Almost 9 Weeks

I am 8 weeks, 5 days today and the baby is the size of a raspberry! Last week we told Caroline that the baby was the size of a blueberry, and she’s been asking when it would be the size of a raspberry. I love that she is having fun with the fruit visuals LOL!

I am finally over my nasty cold that seemed to plague me for a couple of weeks. I now just have a cough (probably due to allergies since I can SEE the yellow pollen dust on everything around here). Unfortunately, I am still super nauseous, and every time I have a coughing fit, it leads to me gagging and many times throwing up. I am hoping the cough and nausea subside soon.

In addition to feeling nauseous, I am really fatigued and simply lacking energy right now. I am very much keeping my eye on the second trimester arriving so I can hopefully start to feel better!

I am also STARVING! I can’t keep enough food in the house, and I am waking up in the middle of the night because I am so dang hungry. Amazing how a baby the size of a raspberry can cause my hunger to sky rocket. I am not able to eat much in one sitting, and am having to eat about every 1-2 hours at a minimum. I finally got myself to the grocery store to stock up on snack items.

I succeeded for over 2 years in only allowing my daughter to snack on occasion… we are not a snacking household. That is SO out the window now! She’s loving my new found love of snacks!

Oh, and I’m so gassy and so emotional. I have no comment for these two things other than they need to find the highway out of here! LOL!

Weight Gain
I have maybe gained 2 lbs at this point, but the scale is fluctuating a lot, so I can’t say for sure. What I can say for sure is that I am obviously very bloated, or maybe my uterus popped early (I’ve heard this happens with second pregnancies as your body remembers what to do), because my belly is pretty obviously bulging out. I’m in the awkward stage where people stare thinking you must be pregnant but they know better than to ask because I could just have an abnormally large belly for my body! It’s obviously not from the raspberry sized baby, but my body is full gear ahead and my clothes are so uncomfortable already! I am living in dresses and even got all of the maternity clothes out to get washed soon. I am just so uncomfortable in any normal pants!

High! LOL! I wrote them all out in a recent blog post. Who knew I’d have so many emotions about bringing baby #2 into the world!?

Dr’s Appointments
So many already. I’ve had 3 ultrasounds at this point! The first one was too early (but we were concerned I might be further along so we checked). The second one was just right and we saw/heard the heart! The third one was with the high risk specialist (read about why I’m high risk in my pregnancy announcement). This appointment was basically the high risk specialist telling me all of the other appointments I needed to make with other specialists (cardiologist and my naturopathic doctor to follow up on labs), as well as outlining a timeline to basically keep an eye on things. I’ll be seeing the high risk specialist a lot and getting lots of ultrasounds!

I wouldn’t say I’m craving anything in particular- I’m just starving and wanting anything! Cereal, cheese, and olives seem to be at the top of my list right now as my go to foods (same as last pregnancy). And I REALLY want sushi, but I think that’s simply because it’s on the not allowed list. That being said, there is nothing wrong with cooked sushi, and I have a visitor coming soon that I know would love to go with me!! 🙂

What I chose to stock up on at the grocery store:
– Popcorn (it’s a whole grain)
– Animal crackers
– Pizza rolls
– Broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and carrots to go with ranch dip
– Bananas, blueberries, raspberries
– Pretzels that I wanted to dip in chocolate almond butter (but they were out) – don’t worry I’ll be back looking again!
– Chicken patties for lunch
– Crackers
– Kind bars
– Nuts

Any and all smells- and boy do I smell everything right now. When I open up the refrigerator I smell it. There is nothing bad inside, just the normal smell of a fridge that most people don’t notice. It’s making me gag. I smell the trash can that is otherwise neutral smelling- not to me. I am pretty much steering clear of the kitchen area as much as I can.

She’s started really taking care of me a lot since I’m not feeling well. She says “Oh baby Mama, it’s ok. I know you’re not feeling well. I’ll take care of you. I’ll make you feel better. Lay down. Do you feel better?” She says “baby Mama” a lot which I find funny! She’s 2.5 this month and is just adorable with the new baby idea. She practices putting a diaper on her baby doll. She also took the time to express all of her worries to me (I’m worried the baby will take my things, I’m worried the baby will touch me, etc.) See all of her worries here.

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