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Baby V #2 Bump Update- 13 Weeks

This adorable and active baby in my belly is now the size of a peach! About 2 weeks ago, I swore I could feel the baby move, but knew it was super early.

The feelings were much different than gas pains, or bubbles… they were little thumps- little flicks. The first time I felt it was when Caroline touched my belly and said “Hi baby!”

I figured I was imagining things since I was only 11 weeks. Well those thumps have only gotten stronger. I only feel them at night when I’m super still, and rarely at that, but they are definitely there.

The other night we stayed up past Caroline’s bedtime listening to music and singing. We had such a great family time, and Baby V #2 was joining in with lots of dancing inside of mama! So much fun to feel. I can’t wait for my husband and Caroline to be able to feel it as well.

For the most part my nausea has subsided, but it definitely catches me off guard at times. If I cough, even the slightest cough, it turns into a gag and me getting super nauseous.

If I try and take a pill, I instantly get sick. And then there are random times that it sneaks up on me. I was sitting at the breakfast table eating, when I suddenly got sick, SO FAST that I had to use my water cup.

I then ran to the bathroom and continued getting sick. It definitely hasn’t been fun, but all that being said, it really is getting better overall.

I am not nearly as hungry as I was a couple of weeks ago, but I still eat frequently to try and combat the nausea, and I still wake on occasion and need to eat in the middle of the night as well.

The fatigue is also better, but I’m still tired enough that my blogging is taking place on my bed instead of at my desk LOL!

I’m starting to get lots of pains in my lower abdomen, as well as vaginal pains. Those sharp shooting pains that feel like my cervix is being stabbed happen and catch me off guard!

If I move wrong or cough, or sneeze, I feel all of those wonderful ligament pains that I felt with the first pregnancy. Not a ton of fun, but all normal.

I am breaking out like a teenager! My shoulders and arms, my chest and back…luckily not my face! Still though… it’s swimsuit season so it’s a bit annoying!

Boobs. OH MY! My boobs were the first sign I was pregnant. I swear they were instantly sore from day 1 and I’ve hated wearing bras or any clothing for that matter, since my nipples are super sensitive right now.

The sensitivity has subsided a bit, but it’s like my body is remembering what nursing is going to be like! My nipples are dry and cracked as if I’d been nursing, and I wake up in so much pain, feeling as though I’m engorged with milk (which obviously I’m not).

Amazing what our bodies seem to remember! I’ve already started applying my favorite nipple cream- Earth Mama Angel Baby– lifesaving stuff!

Aches. My spine is aching from tailbone to skull. I wake up and can hardly move. Many of my joins have started hurting as well, but the pain is short lived and goes away as I move more throughout the day.

Weight Gain

According to my scale, I may have gained 1 or 2 pounds at this point. I’ll get an official weigh in at my OB appointment the first week of July. People are definitely approaching me now and asking if I’m pregnant!


Wow do the tears just come right now- and sudden.

I was crying the other day out of the blue, about my time with just Caroline dwindling away.

It’s definitely been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Overall I’m feeling great, though, and just ecstatic when I get to see this baby on ultrasounds!

Dr. Appointments

I had my nuchal translucency ultrasound this week. My suspicions about the baby moving around a ton were confirmed.

The ultrasound tech could hardly get a good picture at first. Luckily, the baby settled down and started sucking on her thumb for some great pictures.

All looked perfect with regards to the baby, and there were no concerns seen. Everyone commented on how active the baby is!

Yesterday they called with the results of the blood work done to accompany the nuchal translucency ultrasound.

One of my placental proteins came back higher than normal, indicating that we have a higher than normal chance of the baby having Down Syndrome. Our risk is 1 in 77.

As a result, they are recommending doing a cell free DNA test- it’s a noninvasive test (just lab work) and will give us a more definitive answer.

The positive side to all of this, is that getting the DNA test done, means we’ll get to find out the sex of the baby nice and early! We should have results back in a couple of weeks.

I’m still doing daily injections for the antiphospholipid syndrome, and was informed that I’ll have to up that to two daily injections starting around week 24.

I’ve got a good system down, and am not bruising at all, which is great! It definitely is not my favorite thing to do, but I’m in a good routine with it now.

I go in early July just for a normal OB check in.

Around week 17, I go in for another ultrasound to monitor everything. I am REALLY hoping we can find out the sex of the baby, although I know it’s a bit early at that point.

We’ll actually already know most likely based on the DNA testing that we are doing now.


No cravings. Cereal is still my safe zone.


I still can’t stand the smell of regular sliced sandwich bread, and the one loaf we had was thrown into the trash recently- I just couldn’t take it.

Caroline hasn’t had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich pretty much for the entirety of this pregnancy as a result. I feel so bad, as she loves them, but it is not worth getting sick over!

Spicy foods are not my favorite at the moment, either, and I already have reflux at night that’s keeping me up.


Caroline is in full on mama mode. She loves to carry around “Baby Elmo”, and change her diaper, etc. She’s started teaching Baby Elmo how to do things.

The other day she sat down with it and taught Elmo how to do puzzles. “Since Elmo is a baby, he doesn’t know how to do this yet”, she’d say.

And she’d proceed to give instructions “So, what you do is…”. So adorable.

As for the baby in my belly… she mentions it on occasion but really is more focused on her pretend babies/toys.

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