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To My Husband This Father’s Day, 2017

To my husband this Father’s day, 2017. 

If I could plan the perfect day for you, here’s what we’d do:

We’d let you sleep in as long as possible (although we both know you never would). 

I’d make a big breakfast with eggs, potatoes and bacon (although we both know you’d make it better). 

We’d take Caroline and Moose somewhere to play. They could splash in the creek together, and we could enjoy our family time.

We’d make it home in time for a nice big lunch. We’d make the best sandwiches ever- piled high on fresh bread, and we’d have potato salad, fruit, and chips.

Caroline would go down for her nap after lunch, just about the time golf coverage was getting going.

You’d get to sit and relax and WATCH golf!

Caroline would get up from her nap, and watch with us. She’d ask questions and you’d love teaching her about the wonderful game of golf.

We’d barbecue hamburgers and have corn on the cob, while watching golf.

Caroline would get to stay up late to see the final putt at 18.

If it didn’t go to playoff and end too late, we’d go out for ice cream at coldstone.

At some point during the day we’d give you your homemade card and present (which will probably always be pictures or something our child(ren) made for you). 

It would be the perfect day that you so deserve.

Your day won’t look like this, however. Instead…

You will wake up at 3am and go to work.

You will not return home until close to dinner time, maybe later.

You’ll miss the family time.

You’ll miss the majority of golf, although we’ll keep it on all day and think of you.

You’ll only get a few hours of time with your daughter.

By the looks of the food situation in the house, it seems like you might get stuck going grocery shopping with us.

It’s not the Father’s day that I want to give you, but it’s what will happen because of the time of year.

You’ll never complain.

It will be just any other day. You will love your card, and family pictures. You will love your time with us, even though it’s not enough.

I love you more than words can say. You are an amazing father, and I so wish I could give you the day you deserve. It baffles me how you can work as hard as you do at work, and then come home and give so much of yourself to our family. Always selfless, always patient, always our rock. You make our family so very amazing, and we are forever grateful.

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