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Why I Chose To Start A Babywise Blog

When I started my blog, our daughter was about 4 months old. I had fallen in love with Babywise by that point in my parenting journey. I knew that I wanted to start a Babywise blog…

A babywise blog- Mama's Organized Chaos

My Babywise Blog

Why I Started A Blog

1- Pregnancy/Mom Brain

Yeah this is a REAL thing. I’ve even had a doctor talk to me about how this is a proven real thing with lots of research done on it. It was something like 5 years that it takes our brains to begin to recover. Crazy! Our memories are shot.

I start a sentence and can’t remember what I was even going to say. I knew there was no way I’d be remembering everything I did in the baby stages, schedules I used, etc. And I knew that I wanted to!

Even by just the 4 month mark, I had realized HOW much thought I’d really put into something seemingly as simple as Caroline’s schedules. Determining the right schedule for your baby is far from easy. It is not as simple as use a schedule that is recommended and watch it fall into place.


It requires implementing the schedule, observing your child for at least a week, writing down those observations, analyzing your data, making adjustments, and repeating. You repeat this until you find the right fit. The engineer in me LOOOVED this by the way!

Eventually, your baby starts to show signs that a new schedule is needed. Perhaps a nap needs to be dropped. Maybe your child needs more wake time. Or maybe a feeding needs to be dropped. So, you are back at it again. Changing things up, recording, analyzing, etc.

I knew full well, that with my new “mom brain”, I wouldn’t be remembering all that I had done. I also knew that we wanted another child. And so, I wanted a place to record our journey. I wanted a place to go back and reference when I was in the thick of things again. What better way than a blog!?

2- Memories

As soon as I started the blog, I realized it was an excellent place to capture memories. It was so much easier than printing pictures and making scrapbooks. A blog was going to be my perfect version of a scrapbook.

We have family all over the United States. We have no immediate family close by. This was going to be such a great way to not only share pictures, but to share stories, and to capture memories from visits as well. My blog started off mainly focusing on two things: Personal family type stories, and all of my Babywise schedules.

3- Helping Other Mamas

I thought it was highly unlikely that my blog would ever really reach anyone outside of my family and close friends. But, I also knew there was potential for that. I loved the idea of other moms finding my blog and finding it useful. I made sure from the start of my blog, to keep things real and transparent. I did NOT want to be the blog that painted a perfect picture of our family. I wanted to share the real stuff as well- because that’s the truly helpful content.

I wanted to make sure that I shared not only our successes, but also our trials and errors. Because let’s face it- there are a lot of those when we become parents. We try all sorts of things. Whether it’s schedules that didn’t work, or discipline tactics that fell flat, we have to try a lot of things. Why not share all of that as well?


A babywise blog- Mama's Organized Chaos

4- A Hobby

I am a person that always needs a project. Even in the throws of being a new mom, I needed a project. And, since I was choosing to be a stay at home mom, I needed an outlet for myself. This blog was that project. This blog has become that outlet. The more I have going on in my life, it seems the more I pour into my “projects”. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to sustain this particular project. But as it turns out, it was exactly what I needed.

And so, my Babywise Blog was born…

Why I Wanted my Blog to be a Babywise Blog

If I had to pick one tool, one resource, that helped us the most in our parenting journey- it would be the Babywise series.

I quickly found that Babywise is not widely accepted. Babywise is, however, widely misunderstood. I was determined to be a reliable source for moms that were interested in incorporating Babywise into their lives. I was focused on making sure that other moms had a place to find support, and a place to find answers.

It’s hard to feel like you are alone in your decisions and in your journey. Babywise can feel isolating, if you don’t know anyone else that has done something similar. I was hopeful that my blog would be a voice, and a place of community for those moms walking that lonely path.

Why It’s Called Mama’s Organized Chaos

Babywise and Me. Me and Babywise. We are such a good fit. LOL!

I am an engineer. I am a scientist. I am a “type A” personality. I like organization and structure. I like predictability. I like routine. I like challenges. I like data.

It is no surprise that I like Babywise, and the eat, wake, sleep routines.

To read more about the eat wake sleep cycle, click here.

Babywise is that structure in a rather unstructured part of life- parenting. Babies. There is a lot of general “chaos” that enters your life when you become a parent. Things that feel out of your control. Except my realization came pretty quickly, that we can organize that chaos. We can provide structure to the seemingly chaotic mess that is the baby stage and there after. You don’t have to assume you’ll be waking up at all hours of the night for eternity just because you are now a mom. You can use Babywise as a resource to help organize what otherwise would have been true chaos.

And so, Mama’s Organized Chaos was born.

My Babywise Blog went live in May of 2015. I am honestly pretty shocked with how far it’s come. It’s been a little over 3 years and my blog has grown to levels that I never dreamed were possible. I’m so glad that I made the choice to start this blog, and I am humbled that it has made even the small impact that it has. One person reached makes it all worth the time and effort!

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