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9 Ways to Teach Kids Bravery

It’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! We are all writing on the topic of “fears”. See below for the full schedule of topics and links from all of these wonderful ladies!

Today, Natasha from Let’s Be Brave, has some great ideas on how to teach kids about bravery. Bravery is obviously a great quality to focus on to combat and deal with fears. She’s got 9 great ideas on how to help our children focus on this quality!

“We value being brave so highly around here.  We believe being brave is
the basis for so many other important things we want to teach our kids –
kindness, compassion, love as a verb.  Things that can be unpopular or
uncool at times, we want our kids to be brave enough to be and do those things
anyway.  It takes bravery
to stand up for someone being picked on at school.  It takes bravery to be kind to
someone who isn’t kind to you.  It takes bravery to voice an unpopular opinion. 
We want our kids to be people who do what is right, even though it’s not always
easy.  We want our kids to be BRAVE.  Here are the ways we teach our
kids bravery.  

1. Teach them it’s
ok to fail or be wrong

So much lack of action comes from fear of failure or being wrong.  I
can’t tell you how many times a day I tell my kids something now along the
lines of “it’s ok if you don’t know” or “it’s ok to be
wrong.”  When they’re not afraid of being wrong, it encourages them
to make a guess, take a risk, try anyways.”    

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It’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! We are all talking about the topic of “fears” this week. Here is the full schedule: (Links will be live on the day scheduled)

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