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Managing Fears at Bedtime

It’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! We are all writing on the topic of “fears”. See below for the full schedule of topics and links from all of these wonderful ladies!

Today, Carrie over at Wiley Adventures is giving us her advice and experience with managing bedtime fears. I think we can all relate to things like the below…children having random fears of.. ducks!? Fears aren’t always rational, but they do exist, and they do creep up more at nighttime.

When Laura Kate was two years
old, every night for about two weeks, she was terrified of ducks. During the
day, she was not afraid of ducks. But at night, it was full-on terror. She said
she could hear them quacking when we turned out the lights. She would sob and
sob and beg us to make the ducks go away. We went on “duck hunts”
with her, we searched for any toy in her room that could be causing the sound,
we checked the perimeter of the house outside her bedroom window to see if we
could find something. We found nothing. These ducks were completely in her
imagination. And since we had little control over what she was thinking, we
determined that we needed to teach her to manage her fears instead of telling
her to stop or not be afraid.”

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Babywise Friendly Blog Network

It’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! We are all talking about the topic of “fears” this week. Here is the full schedule: (Links will be live on the day scheduled)

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