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Caroline’s Favorite Gifts- 3 Years Old

Well, it’s official- Caroline is 3 years old! At her 3 year old well check, the doctor asked her “What is your favorite thing to do?”

Caroline didn’t hesitate, and answered: “Read books.”

That is such a true statement. Caroline just loves her books. She honestly has so many books, that we really haven’t gotten any new ones lately. She naturally rotates which ones she likes to call her “favorites”. They all eventually make the list, though!

We have these 5 minute stories (Peppa Pig), and I plan to add the Paw Patrol book, as well as the Daniel Tiger book to her gift list.

She’s also really loving her leapfrog reader system and her new Paw Patrol Book to accompany it!

She’s been very consistent in her TV show and character likes:

1. Daniel Tiger

2. Dinosaur Train

3. Paw Patrol (newly added as of Thanksgiving)

4. Trolls (she loves the movie and playing with the characters/figures)

5. Sesame Street (rarely watches the show, but really enjoys the characters)

All of these shows have great content, so I love that she loves watching them and playing with her characters!

The second thing that Caroline loves doing is pretend play with figures and character toys.

She has a great Daniel Tiger set that she has been playing with for a good year now. We found this My Busy Book with Troll characters and added that to her collection. And we are hoping to add these Paw Patrol figures as well! She can literally sit for hours and play with these “friends”. She also has this great treehouse that she uses for her pretend play!

For her birthday, some of her favorite presents were craft related:

Troll watercolor set (she liked this so much, she did all of the painting pages in 1 sitting LOL)

– Troll stamps (instead of using these as stamps, however, she loves to do more pretend play with them)

And, the big present for her birthday that she is enjoying nightly…. is her new star projector! This is her new “nightlight”. The stars can be set to project different colors and even move! Caroline really loves being outdoors and looking at the moon and stars, so we brought them inside for her to look at nightly! It’s been a huge hit!

I’ve recently compiled a list of all of our recommended products. This list includes everything from the newborn baby stages, to Caroline’s current favorite items (and Mama’s too)! You’ll want to save this list, because as I find more favorite products, I’ll add them onto the list for future reference. The list pretty much goes in order… most recent favorites at the top, to the baby products towards the beginning. The only products on this list are ones that we have tried and love. I hope you enjoy! Check out the Mama’s Organized Chaos Favorite Products List here!

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