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A Gift For Mama That Will Be SO Appreciated


Black Friday rang in a lot of deals on Amazon. I don’t dare step out of my home on this day.

The deals are not worth the chaos and the crowds in my mind… not to mention that many of the “sales” on this day are on items that have jacked up prices.

It is just not my day to be out and about. Amazon, however, caught my eye on this day.

They had their Echo’s on sale ($20) cheaper than the usual price. We actually just purchased an Echo and an Echo dot in the last couple of months.

When I saw these items on sale, I realized immediately that I was going to be searching for some other deals.

First on my list… a robot vacuum. Yes you read that right-

A Robot Vacuum

I recently added a robot vacuum to my list based on the recommendation from several friends.

I was intrigued enough to put one on my list, but knew full well I probably wasn’t going to fork out a few hundred dollars for the convenience of this item.

Little did I know, it is WELL worth the money!


I originally had the Roomba brand on my wish list. On this day, however, the Deebot M80 was almost half off.

I was SO excited. I know it probably sounds odd to be so excited about a vacuum, but I’ve learned that, as I get older (and now as a mom), I value my time.

Sweeping and vacuuming up the dog hair on a daily basis is not something I want my time to go towards.

Yet, if I don’t do it daily, we literally have tumble weeds of dog hair around our house.

Not to mention, the insane amount of crumbs that accumulates under my toddler’s chair at the dining room table. It feels impossible to keep up with.

So yes, a robot vacuum was high on my list this year.

When I saw the price, I immediately did some research on the Deebot vacuum (the reviews seemed better than the original Roomba that I’d had on my list), and I texted my husband:

My exact words: “Ummmm my vacuum is 50% off…Actually a better one that also connects to Alexa. Want to get this for me?”

Alexa, by the way, is the Echo that we purchased from Amazon. We use it as our radio as it instantly connects to music on Amazon and iHeart radio, etc. We also have plans to get some smart outlets and switches for our home that we can control with this device.

My husband responded to my text: “Do it. I was going to get you either the Deebot M79 or the Eufy Robo11.”

Um OMG I love my husband. Literally in that moment I couldn’t stop thinking that I have the best husband ever.

I bragged and bragged to my visitors about how amazing my husband is! LOL!

Ok so that was last Friday. The vacuum arrived on Monday. Set up was incredibly easy and we had it programmed through Alexa to run that night and every night.

I could not be more impressed!

This vacuum (the Deebot M80) does a fantastic job getting up all of the dog hair off of our floors.

We have laminate wood flooring on our main level, and carpet upstairs in the bedrooms.

Right now we are just using it on the laminate flooring, but it also works on carpets, and it mops!

I watched this vacuum as it meandered around our living space. It went under chairs, over our little rugs at the doors, under the furniture that it fit under, around walls, etc. It found every space it could fit into. When it’s done running, it parks itself in the battery charger so it’s ready for the next evening.

Every morning, I wake up to a clean floor! I can also set it up to mop while it vacuums.

It is the best feeling to wake up to a clean home. I’d long ago given up on keeping up with the dog hair.

It bothered me and accumulated for a couple of days, and then I’d finally get the broom out.

NO more! This vacuum runs nightly without any involvement from me.

The only thing we have to do, is empty the collection container before it runs.

Not only have I gained time back in my life, my house is clean! The crumbs under the table are GONE! The tumble weeds of dog hair are GONE!

This little vacuum is such a great investment. The app tells us when a part needs replacing like a brush or filter.

It even tell us the run time each night. Oddly enough it runs for the exact same amount of time each day. For our main living area, that time is 1 hour and 49 minutes.

We can schedule the vacuum using the Deebot app to run each night. We can also use the app as a remote control if we want to manually start it.

Or… we can just ask Alexa to run the Deebot if needed. It is all so easy, and again I’m just so impressed with this item.

It’s doing a far better job of cleaning than I ever did, and it does it daily without so much as a click to tell it to do so!

Did I also mention that I am loving Alexa!? I speak when I want to play music. That’s it.

I just voice what I’d like to hear and tell Alexa. I ask her the time, the weather, and even football scores. I tell her to set alarms, and I can even have her answer questions. I don’t have to google things anymore, I just talk to Alexa!


We ended up getting a smart outlet as well. We have a couple of lights plugged into these outlets.

So instead of getting out of bed to go turn the light off that we forgot about, I just tell Alexa to do it.

We can schedule the lights to come on at certain times as well. The smart home possibilities with Alexa are endless around here! We are just loving it.


So Mamas…if you are looking for something to put on that Christmas wish list of yours…I highly recommend the Deebot M80 vacuum (oh and Alexa, too)!

And husbands… please get this for the “family gift” this year. Your wife will be ecstatic, and you will love it too!

Click here to see ALL robot vacuum deals going on now!



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