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Creative Gift Ideas for 3 Year Olds

When it comes to Christmas and birthday gifts for a 3 year old, there are a lot of super creative ideas that I think often get overlooked. The go to gift is a toy. Quite honestly, however, toys only get used for short periods of time. Toddlers are more fascinated with leaves and sticks than the colorful toys we buy for them at times. Toys are fun, and there is definitely a place for them in the gift exchange, but there are so many other great options as well.

1. Educational items

3 year olds are at this amazing transition age. They are finally able to really grasp concepts and show us their understanding in verbal and written ways. They are starting to trace, pair letters with their sounds, count, grasp the basic idea of addition and subtraction, and so much more. They’ve got great fine motor skills as well! A great gift is something that will peak their interest while captivating their desire to learn and practice skills.

Some items to consider:

– Beginning reader books

– Gift cards for an app store to purchase educational apps (apple or android depending on the device being used) 

– Board games

– Puzzles

– Wipe clean books

My recommendations on amazon:

2. Clothing

Babies are gifted tons of clothing. Many times they don’t even get to wear all of the clothes they’ve received because they are growing so fast! Toddlers on the other hand, are finally at a point in their growing that clothing lasts them a good while! They now have favorite colors and favorite characters. Clothing will be a big hit for the child and for the parents, as this is something they’d have to purchase at some point anyways.

My recommendations on amazon:

3. Activities

One of my favorite things about the 3 year old age, is their ability to sit and actually get into an activity. I find it so fascinating to watch their creativity flow. And, let’s face it… activities help keep our little ones entertained and content, while trying new things.

Some ideas to consider:

– Dig kits

– Paint

– Crafts (kits, scissors, glue, etc.)

My recommendations on amazon:

4. Experiences

By far my favorite type of gift, is the gift of an experience. We’ve starting giving this as a family gift for my sister and her husband and children. It can be one experience for the entire family, or it can be individual experiences for each child. Experiences create lasting memories, and give a family the opportunity to do something that they may not have otherwise done. I always check with the parents ahead of time for some ideas, or to make sure my idea is going to work for their situation.

Some ideas to consider:

– A class. Maybe this child is already enrolled in a class and loving it- you could purchase another session for them. Or perhaps you want to gift a class that is a new activity.

– An outing (Aquarium, Zoo, Petting zoo, a show, a festival, etc). As an example, we recently took Caroline to Sesame Place for her birthday. Another option we were considering was taking her to the Daniel Tiger Live show that is this weekend. There are fun Christmas lights adventures in most areas that could be gifted special for the holidays, and so much more!

– A visit. If you live far from each other, sometimes a visit is the best gift. Again, the memories will last forever.

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