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Sesame Place 2017

For the second year in a row, we chose to take Caroline to Sesame Place for her “birthday”. We go about a month early, just to catch some nice fall weather, but we count it as her big birthday experience and celebration. This year we were deciding between a few options: Daniel Tiger Live show, a real train ride, or Sesame Place. Sesame Place won hands down. She’s only going to enjoy it for a couple more years, and we just love that she has so much fun on the rides.

So, Caroline is right at 36 inches tall, and she is 1 month from turning 3. We went to Sesame Place last weekend, and it was just as fun as our experience taking her last year, when she was 1 month from turning 2.

She can ride all but maybe 3 rides. A couple of them she has to be 42″ tall to get on, and one (the vapor trail) she had to be at least 3 years old. The rest of the rides, she can ride with a parent, and there are even a couple she can ride by herself.

Vapor trail is the only true roller coaster. It’s huge and exciting and right at the front gate when you walk in. Caroline saw it and wanted to ride it! We decided that, since she’s just  1 month away from turning 3, we’d tell them that she was of age, and let her ride. Such a good lie we told LOL! I hated fudging the truth in front of Caroline, but it was so worth it. The vapor trail turned out to be one of her favorites, and we rode it 4 times!

Blast off was her other favorite. This one was her favorite ride last year as well. It is a ride that goes straight up and then drops down. Yes, she is such a little dare devil! She loves the two biggest rides at Sesame Place!

We rode pretty much every ride we could, and just had a blast.

Breakfast was again a huge hit. The breakfast with Elmo is the only time that we get to meet the characters. We were old pros this time, and knew just what to do! As soon as Elmo entered the room, we made a bee line for his “station” to get a picture with him. We were first in line! Caroline was beyond thrilled and gave him a big nose squeeze (that was her plan all along).

After breakfast, we went wandering around the park and were ready to start riding rides when the clock struck 10 and the rides officially opened. We were first in line for the vapor trail. I went on with Caroline for this first ride, and I have to say, it was fast! I wasn’t expecting it to be so fast. Caroline was silent the entire ride, and looked terrified! I was so worried that when the ride stopped she was going to be scared to go on anything else. To my surprise she said “let’s do that again!” WHEW!

We did just that. We did all the rides, and we did her favorites multiple times. Then, we hit the road to Philly. Our plan- daddy’s plan actually… to get a REAL, authentic philly cheesesteak!

We’d stayed at Sesame Place longer than we’d planned. We were getting a late lunch and figured the lines wouldn’t be too bad. Wrong! There was NO parking, and there was a line around the side of the building. We were at Geno’s- famous for their original cheesesteak sandwiches with cheese wiz!

And to make matters worse, Caroline had fallen asleep in the car!

We were there, so we decided to make this happen. I jumped out, while Joe circled around and found parking. I waited in the line and finally got to the front only to realize they only accept CASH! WTF!?! Luckily, there was an ATM across the street, and the cashier told me to come right back to him and he’d let me back to the front of the line.

I grabbed cash, came right back and ordered 2 philly cheesesteaks with cheese wiz- the original way! Joe had found parking, and Caroline had woken up. There were no tables, so we ate in the car on the side of the road. The sandwiches were messy, tasty, and well- awesome!

We then attempted to get home-  say attempted because it took forever. We had to make a couple of potty stops, we had to get gas, we found gas stations that were having technical issues and the credit card machines weren’t working (yes multiple), we had to wait in the longest line ever to just exit the gas station/shopping center parking lot that only had one entrance, we had to take a detour due to a bad accident, etc., etc. It felt like we’d never get home! We joked that if we didn’t have a toddler with us, or a dog waiting on us at home, we’d have probably just stopped at a hotel and called it a day!

What a great day, though! Sesame Place was perfect. Caroline had a fantastic time. We had amazing food in Philly. Such a great family day that we’ll always remember.

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