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Leading up to Caroline’s arrival, I wanted to make sure her room was perfect and ready for her. Part of this task consisted of hanging bookshelves and adorning them with as many books as I could. I wanted them to face out so she could see the front covers and be involved in picking her bedtime story. This was my favorite part of the room. I took IKEA spice racks and painted them to match Caroline’s room. I then went to Barnes and Noble and found a bunch of classic board books and picture books that we’d read to Caroline. It was perfect.

Little did I know, that with reading to her every night, we’d blow through these books in no time and be wanting more and more books. This is quite an expensive hobby, so I bought a collection of books all in one- Disney Bedtime Stories. I knew that would last us awhile! It did, and we read stories over and over again. Caroline might have been enjoying it, but Daddy and I wanted new books to read!

So, I decided to give the library a try. The library has turned out to be a fantastic place to meet with other moms and babies for playtime. They also have storytime and other events that we attend on a regular basis. Everything is free, and it has turned into some great outings!

I have never been one to like library books, however. They are old and musty, and I like to keep the books I read. I gave it a shot anyway, and well, I love it! Caroline and I have been going to the library about every 4 days or so and picking out 8 new picture books each time. Sometimes I go with some titles in mind that we have researched, and other times we just look for fun covers and titles and go from there. We have found some great books and even enrolled Caroline in the summer reading program. She is flying through the books, as we read a couple a day!

I wanted to put together a list of my favorites. I would like to purchase some of our favorites one day, so this list will be a helpful reminder. Of course, we can always check them out again and again. It has been really fun reading new books and finding new authors. I plan to continue this as Caroline gets more involved in reading, so this is the perfect time to start getting her excited about it.

Each month I plan on writing a post with our favorite books.

Some of our favorites this month are: 

Dear Zoo: There are surprise animals on each page, and it has a great ending.

Dragons Love Tacos: This book was very interactive with great pictures and a fun story line.

Blueberries for Sal: I’d heard of this classic, but hadn’t read it. Cute story about a mama and daughter out picking blueberries together.

Disney Bedtime Favorites: This was our go to when we had run out of books to read. It has some great Disney classics that are all focused on bedtime.

The Keeping Quilt: Another classic that I hadn’t read. This one is about a quilt that is passed on from generation to generation.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site: This book goes through each of the machines out on a construction site and puts each of them to bed. It is a go to in our house for bedtime.

Should I Share My Ice Cream?: Mo Willems has several books with really good teaching points. This one, of course, is all about sharing. We plan on reading more of his books.

Love You Forever: Don’t read this one unless you are ready to cry, every single time!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. The links take you to amazon, where if you purchase, I would receive a small percentage of the money. There is NO additional cost to you- it is the same price you’d find if you searched amazon on your own.

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