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Friday Finds: Best Toys for 2 Year Olds

A friend of mine asked for toy ideas for her almost 2 year old. As I reflected on my almost 2 year old, I realized that her interests have changed a lot. She is very rarely engaged with her toys. She is way more focused on running around, hopping, jumping, dancing, twirling, playing with her stuffed animals, getting to lay on mama’s bed, looking at her books, and going out and about. Well, a lot of that is actually the same as it’s always been, she just seems to engage with her toys less and less.

Caroline is starting to pretend play with her stuffed animal “friends”. She feeds them, gives them water to drink, has them hop around and dance with her, etc. She is also needing higher skill level toys. For example, her chunky wooden puzzles are really easy for her now. She can put them together in a matter of seconds. That being said, if something is too challenging, she has so much energy, she moves on quickly.

So, in an effort to answer my friend’s question, and think ahead to Caroline’s birthday, Christmas, etc…. I figured I’d make a list of some toys that I think she would enjoy. Here are our picks for the best toys for 2 year olds. Some are upping the skill level of the typical baby toy, many are pretend play based, and a couple sports and art based. At this age they are really starting to be able to do more with their body. They will start drawing and getting more creative with artistic projects. They will love figuring out how to move their bodies to do certain sports, etc. Below are 16 awesome toys that I know Caroline would enjoy now (21 months). I chose toys that I thought she’d also grow into over the next 6 months and enjoy for probably a couple of years (at least).

In addition to the toys shown above, I also wanted to take a moment to highlight some things that Caroline currently has and is really enjoying! I realized that in my brainstorming I was thinking of things Caroline didn’t have and would like! haha! These are the items that she’s really into right now:

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