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Friday Finds: A Genius Swimsuit

This is one of those products, that I wish I would have thought of!

Mama’s, you know the feeling… you have to use the restroom, and you are in a wet bathing suit. It is so horrible having to peel your bathing suit off. Not to mention it is near impossible to get it back on! The bikini has helped solve this problem, but it’s still not perfect! We’ve all done it…pull it out of the way without taking your swim suit off. Not ideal, but it works…kind of.

Now add to this dilemma…a squirmy toddler that has to pee RIGHT NOW! You’ve just potty trained perhaps, and they have to go! Or, maybe you have a little one still in diapers. The ordeal of peeling off the swimsuit to change the diaper, then to have to put it back on is enough to make me just want to leave the pool or beach LOL!

Here is where this genius idea comes in. The swimsuits at have a magnetic closure at the waistline of the suit. There is no longer a need to take off the entire suit! Just undo the magnetic closure, change baby’s diaper, or let your toddler use the bathroom, then fasten it back! It even has a magnet between the shoulder blades to help keep the fabric out of the way (or out of the toilet)! This product is genius, for real! The magnet is sturdy, and I’d honestly trust it on myself! The swimsuits that are sizes 2T and up also have snaps as a backup to the magnet.

I have to say, when I saw this product, I immediately emailed them to ask if I could review it on my blog! I was thrilled to show this product to all of you, and I am even more excited now that we’ve tried it! My second email to them was asking if they are going to carry women’s sizes…no seriously! I want one of these for myself, too! And guess what!?!? They are totally working on a mommy and me line! I’ll be back to purchase these swimsuits for myself and for my daughter when she outgrows the one she has now. I am still so amazed by this design. Did I mention they also have super cute designs!? Check them out at! Let me know what you think!

Jill and Alexis (the co-owners of Fasten), are also sharing an amazing discount with Mama’s Organized Chaos’ readers! Use the code “Mama15off” at checkout, to receive 15% off of your ENTIRE purchase! 

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