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Potty Training On the Go

Getting out of the house when you are potty training your child is insanely daunting! I remember being so nervous that Caroline would have an accident. We took short trips, and slowly lengthened our outings until we both felt comfortable.

Now that I can officially say my child is potty trained, going out is still not without its challenges. If we are going to be out of the house for awhile, we have to have access to restrooms. I have to research things ahead of time to make sure we’ll have a restroom handy. If I am unable to tell online, or can’t seem to get in touch with anyone on the phone, the first thing we do when we get to where we are going is scope out the bathrooms!


It is also essential that you have a few key items on hand when you are out and about. Some items I carry on me at all times, others I leave in the car just for emergencies. Check out my Guest post at The Moses Home blog, for a full list of on the go items!

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