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Friday Finds: Leggings Without Pressure Sales!?!?

Ok, yes… LuLaRoe leggings ARE buttery soft and it is fun to get caught up in the pattern hunting…for like a couple of months. Then reality sets in and you’ve spent way too much money, because when you do find a pair that you like, you know that if you don’t buy them RIGHT NOW you’ll never see them again. So you type “sold” and curse yourself for yet another pair on the way and count your blessings that you have a super understanding and supportive husband! LOL! Sound familiar?

What if I told you, that you could be a part of the decision making for the patterns of leggings, you could shop at your leisure, and even pre-order and be guaranteed a pair when you find a pattern you like? These new leggings I found are the EXACT same as LuLaRoe. They both are buttery soft (I can’t tell a difference). They both have the wonderful yoga waistband. One has high pressure buying, and the other lets you be involved and actually have a pleasant shopping experience!

So, the new company that I’ve discovered is called FabuLegs. The owner, Melissa Gaffney, is hands on and wonderful to work with. The sizing of the exclusive leggings is the same as LLR, the buying process is just so much more efficient. Every month, she posts patterns in her Facebook group. We get to vote on the patterns that we love. The patterns with the most votes get put into production and made the next month. If you have your heart set on a pair of leggings, you can pre-order. Pre-ordering guarantees you a pair of these leggings and is the same price as LLR. You can shop online in one place and see what inventory she has left from previous months patterns. Make sure to get the exclusive leggings if you want the yoga waistband.

Not only did Melissa take the time to send me a pair of these gorgeous leggings to try, she took the time to read my blog and get to know a little about me, she took the time to write me a nice letter, and she is offering my readers a HUGE special discount!

As a special offer to Mama’s Organized Chaos readers, she is offering us 50% off of the first month in the Monthly Mystery Leggings Club. There is no commitment! So, you literally can try a pair of leggings for 50% off of the retail price. How amazing is that!?! Simply go to the FabuLegs website and use the code “CHAOS” when checking out. Melissa, thank you soooo much!

I’ll be pre-ordering these amazing football leggings in September! I only wish they were coming out sooner!!

Note: I was provided a free pair of leggings to review in return for an honest review on my blog. All opinions in this post are my own. This is truly a great product that I am happy to give two thumbs up!

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