Fun at the Grocery Store with Our Toddler (2.5 Years Old)

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I’ve been writing sooo much about April Rey and our trisomy 13 journey. This post is a nice little break from the sadness in our worlds right now. The truth is that Caroline brings us so much joy, even in such a time of grief.  It’s moments like these, that we get to just be in the moment and enjoy our beautiful little girl.

It was after dinner, and one of those rushed grocery store trips that was relatively last minute, but needed. We needed to stock up on fruit, milk, yogurt, cereal- the basics.

Caroline is now at an age where she is allowed to walk while we are at the grocery store (if it is not one of those crazy crowded days where you can hardly get through the aisles). She does a great job and is learning to watch out for those around her.

This time we let Caroline lead the way…the entire time. We’d tell her what we needed on our shopping list, and she’d walk in front of us, find the item, and pick it out. She found strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, bananas, yogurt, creamer, milk, cereal, and more!

She knew exactly where to go in the store, and literally didn’t need our help at all (except to push the basket and pay).

I can’t believe how well she did, not only with remembering where things were located in the store, but staying out of other people’s way, listening to our directions, and even picking out a lane to checkout in and knowing what the number 10 is (the lane she’d found).

She’s growing up so fast. I love doing things like this with her. So simple, yet there is so much growth and so much learning going on. She’s getting to practice listening to instructions, and being aware of those around her. An activity like this keeps toddlers focused and happy because they are so engaged. She was essentially on a little scavenger hunt looking for all of the things on our list. These are THE BEST learning opportunities…the real life examples. I, of course, totally forgot to get a picture of my big girl in this moment… the moments that really grab me like this, my phone stays away where it should be and I just enjoy the moment with her.

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