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We have been introducing one food at a time, all have been purees, spoon fed etc. About a week ago Caroline started trying the puff. She gnawed on it very well and proved to have good chewing skills! As a result, my goal is to take some of her favorite foods and give them to her in small bite sizes, instead of pureeing them.

 Her absolute favorite food is bananas. So, I’ve been cutting up small pieces of bananas and giving them to her to try. She eats them, but is not quite as thrilled about it in bite size form. Since the puffs went so well, I also picked up some baby cookies and teething wafers. She really enjoyed the cookie, but it made such a mess. These are dissolvable cookies, so it was all over her hand and face as well! She ate it though, and of course she didn’t mind the mess! The teething wafers were her favorite (and mamas too)! These don’t make such a mess. It is about the length of a graham cracker and actually smells like one too. I was expecting this wafer to take her all day to finish….wow was I wrong! It was gone in about 2 minutes! Definitely planning on keeping these around!

Yesterday, she also got to try strawberries. I was obviously a tiny bit nervous about this, as this is one of the foods that they can be highly allergic to. She definitely doesn’t have a reaction at all in terms of allergies…but man she did NOT like it! Gagged and spit it right back out. I tried again today and got the same reaction, so we’ll be putting this one on hold for now!

When we are eating our food, Caroline is always incredibly interested and opening her mouth for some to try. I’m finding it hard to let her try things that we eat, because it is always a mixture of things and I want to know exactly what she is eating so I can pinpoint any reactions she might have. Eventually, I’ll have to get over this, but for now, I’m still trying to do one item at a time. I am finding it hard to resist, though as she is very interested! Yesterday we had philly sandwiches and mine was made with chicken. This is one of the meats she can try now! So, I found some pieces of chicken in my sandwich that weren’t covered with cheese and mayonnaise and she got to try some! She gobbled it right down and seemed to really enjoy it! Looks like I’ll be making some chicken for her to have at home!

I think at this point she is ready to really start trying some finger foods and real food! She has her 6 month appointment this week, so I’ll be talking to the doctor about this, but have a feeling we’ll be moving forward with food pretty quickly at this point!

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