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My husband and I were looking through pictures of Caroline last night. It is amazing how much she’s grown and developed in just 6 months. Her facial features have matured from that baby look, into more of a glimpse of her little girl look 🙂 She has sprouted from 7 lbs 6oz, to over 16lbs (we find out at her 6 month appointment today what she weighs exactly). She has learned to communicate with us, and she understands certain phrases that we say to her. She has learned to grab toys and pass them from one hand to the other, she has learned to sit all on her own, she puts herself to sleep, sleeps all night long, and loves to eat solid food. She chews and opens her mouth when I say “big mouth please”. She is so very smart.

Her personality shines through more and more each day. She is a little dare devil! She likes to sit quietly and observe, but when it’s playtime, she absolutely LOVES being thrown around! She loves to fly high, zoom from side to side, flip upside down, and jump around. When this girl decides to walk and run she is going to keep me on my toes! She has such a sweet side too. She gives kisses to us and her stuffed animals. She snuggles in when she’s tired and melts our hearts.

When she first arrived into our lives, we cried tears of joy, and the instant love we felt for her was immense. I suddenly knew exactly how much my parents love me, and I also realized that she won’t understand our love for her until she has a baby of her own one day.

Over the last 6 months, it has been such an amazing experience welcoming her into our home and our hearts. She fits right into our lives, as if she was always a part of our family. She is silly, lively, sweet, intelligent, and simply an amazingly beautiful person. Our lives revolve around her now and it has been the best 6 months I could have ever dreamed of.

My family is my whole world now. I went from working full time, to being home full time with my wonderful daughter. I am so incredibly glad that I made this decision, and that we were able to make this work. There is nowhere I’d rather be. I get to be the first person to see her smile every morning, and I see her literally learn new things every single day. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of every second of her life.

Each month I’ve been writing in her baby book. I thought it was interesting when I looked back at her milestones:

MONTH 1: lifts head, moves head from side to side, rolled over once (on accident), more awake time, good at sucking, eats like a piranha, loves bath time and being held

MONTH 2: starting to drool, real smiles and giggles, very alert and responsive, loves naked baby time and time on the changing table, sometimes only wants mama

MONTH 3: talking a lot, swatting at toys, trying to grab toys, loves standing on  mama and changing table time

MONTH 4: holds toys in both hands and directs them to her mouth, follows noises and people, responds to name more frequently, great head control, loves to be tickled (neck and belly), loves tummy time, talking, naked baby time, and looking around

MONTH 5: eating solid food, rolled over once on purpose, passes toys from one hand  to another, grabs toys near you, responds to conversation, loves bouncer, solid food, flying high, storytime, and the dogs 

MONTH 6: sitting all by herself, chewing small bites, grabbing feet with hands, talking, testing vocal cords, loves flying, going upside down, eating food, petting the dogs, and going out (gets bored easily at home now even when being entertained)

What an amazing six months! I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year will bring!

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